Worcestershire CCG increases productivity with Anywhere Consult

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Mobile working with Anywhere Consult

With a combined patient base of approximately 600,000 and an increasing need for mobile working solutions, Worcestershire CCG took on 180 Anywhere Consult devices to revolutionise their primary care offerings.

Previously, GPs and nurses throughout Worcestershire were using a mobile working device that wasn’t proving popular amongst them and their colleagues. Their original mobile working devices didn’t always make it possible to carry out certain tasks whilst on-the-go due to poor Wi-Fi strength in rural community areas. This made accessing digital notes and care information difficult.

What the CCG needed was a new way of implementing mobile working that met their practice clinicians’ bedside care needs and could cope with poor Wi-Fi. Anywhere Consult gave them just the solution as they could work both on a Wi-Fi connection and a data connection provided through our connectivity package.

“I was confident that Egton would be able to provide what we needed in Anywhere Consult and the mobile data connectivity package.”

James Harley, primary care IT lead.

After the initial order was placed, we were able to implement the project in just two months. This included time for James to train mobile clinicians on how to use the new Anywhere Consult devices using a mixture of resources.

Information where and when it’s needed

The move to Anywhere Consult has meant that clinicians throughout the county have improved access to the N3 network and are able to view patient records at the point of care. This has meant that they’re able to make more informed decisions based on a patient’s care history. The improved access has also meant that clinicians no longer have to travel to and from the practice between home visits. Everything can be updated in EMIS Web with the N3 connection available through our connectivity package, so that notes and medical records can be updated in real time. 

Partnerships enabled through improved interoperability 

“Not only can the clinicians now access EMIS Web on-the-go, but soon they will be able to view and edit other Health Records all on the same device. This will be a huge benefit to partnership working across the County.”

James Harley, primary care IT lead.

Clinicians also have access to Docman 10, meaning they can share important documents across primary care. This is helping to improve communication, partnership working, interoperability and patient safety.

Designed to meet mobile working requirements

James Harley commented that, “clinicians are much more able to get to a patient’s bedside and carry out their consultations as normal now that their equipment and record keeping is more portable.”

The improved portability of the Anywhere Consult devices has also allowed a number of clinicians to work from home whilst also provided extended access services. This means they’re able to continue to support patients despite adverse weather conditions through alternative consultation methods. It also saves considerable time by cutting down travel to and from the practice or home visits.

Mobile working is integral to the transformation of the NHS, so having a device that works effectively in mobile situations is more important than ever. With clinicians using Anywhere Consult devices in a number of their consultations, it’s hard not to acknowledge the importance of mobility in providing healthcare to a modern population.

A range of uses for flexible working

“The Anywhere Consult devices can be used for a number of alternative consultation services, giving our clinicians flexibility in the way they work.”

James Harley, primary care IT lead.

Across the county, the devices are used for the extended access service. The GPs are able to carry out telephone consultations from any location through the use of a softphone. This means that they are able to consult patients with neither party having to travel to the practice.  

Other uses for the Anywhere Devices include carrying out video consultations, face-to-face consultations at the patient’s home and accessing clinical systems from remote locations.

From time saving to flexible working options for clinicians, Anywhere Consult is able to support the mobile working needs of NHS health providers in a number of different ways.

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