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“Having an ECG that integrates with our clinical system saves a lot of admin time. It’s made a big impact to the way we work.”

Vikki Nicol, assistant practice manager, Barclay Medical Practice

Integration is saving a practice in Glasgow valuable time and is improving the patient experience

The Universal ECG has helped Barclay Medical Practice to change their processes for the better.

Barclay Medical Practice has 3 surgeries in Glasgow, with a patient list size of 40000, it came as no surprise that they were looking to reduce the amount of admin they were completing. As part of their plan to achieve this goal, they decided to implement the Universal ECG system – the first practice in Scotland to do so.

Before they started using the Universal ECG, the practice were having to share only one standard ECG machine between multiple practices. As Vikki Nicol, assistant practice manager explains, “We only had one machine between 4 departments, so we knew we needed to get one of our own.”

Looking to make things more straightforward

Vikki and the team came directly to us when looking for a solution to their problems.

“As we already had a good relationship with Egton, we went straight to our business development manager, Lesley, to ask her what she’d recommend,”

Vikki Nicol

One of the biggest issues that the practice raised about their previous system was that it involved manual processes. “The time our team spent on manual data entry used to take up so much time,” continues Vikki. “It was quite complicated.” Due to the nature of this task, it meant that only nurses were able to carry out tests too.

With an understanding of all of these different issues, we realised that an integrated ECG device would be the best fit for the practice.

New ways of working – that work for everyone

Our ECG with i3 integration software has really helped Vikki and the team to provide timely care and deliver a better patient experience.

“It’s great. It’s easy to use, and everyone in the practice can use it, including the GPs, healthcare assistants and nurses. It also means the patients get a better experience, and there’s no room for human error. With the integration, the healthcare assistant can just upload information straight onto the clinical system so the GP can interpret the data.”


Support whenever it’s needed

The practice’s new technology comes with 24/7 support from our service desk, something which has been a real help to Vikki. “We’ve only had to contact the service desk due to IT updates by the health board. They’ve always been prompt, friendly and helpful, and have sorted out any problems straight away.”

Our service desk takes pride in being able to resolve any IT issues - as Vikki explains, “We’ve had no negative experiences with the device at all, and the support they provide has always been great.” 

A happy team

"We’ve had a thumbs up from everyone using it.”


Overall the change has been positive for the practice. “We’d really recommend the integrated software,” concludes Vikki. “The whole element of having to manually add the data is taken away."

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