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Health and social care

“The software does everything we need it do and a bit more”

Ranee Sidhu, operations manager, Putneymead Group Medical Practice

As an established GP surgery, Putneymead Group Medical Practice provides both NHS and private services to 25,000 patients across South West London. The practice has over 80 members of staff working hard to provide high quality healthcare to all their patients. For Ranee Sidhu, operations manager at the practice, “a user friendly programme” was vital for managing and billing the practice’s non-NHS income.

User-friendly and simple set up 

Ranee found that the previous system was “complicated, both to use and learn” as it was “hard to navigate” and could be “time-consuming”. As a result, she spent considerable amounts of time training staff so that they felt confident using the system.

With high demands to deliver excellent patient care, it was important to reduce the amount of time spent training staff and release more time for patients. Ranee expressed how “training is now so quick and easy” and the practice “started up with Egton Billing immediately!”

Save time with an automated system

"Our previous way of working meant a single invoice would take over five minutes to create"

Ranee Sidhu, operations manager, Putneymead Group Medical Practice

Since using Egton Billing, the billing process is “much quicker and easier”. With the new, automated system the staff have noticed “significant time saved in generating a bill” with invoices taking “seconds to create”. Not only that, but the debt recovery process is now “very simple” and the practice has seen a drastic reduction in the time spent chasing unpaid bills.

Reporting functionality increased visibility of income 

The reporting functionality within Egton Billing provides full visibility of non-NHS income, which makes tracking and monitoring invoices far easier. Ranee utilises this feature to create a daily report which “helps to keep tabs on our non-NHS income and provides a really useful overview” and feeds into their annual report.

"I really like the simplicity of being able to pull off a comprehensive report as a sense check"  

Ranee Sidhu, operations manager, Putneymead Group Medical Practice

The time savings gained by the practice through the use of Egton Billing have been invaluable to Ranee and her team. Not only do they have more time to get important tasks done, they also have more time to give to their patients, making sure they receive the highest possible standard of care.

Ranee finds the system invaluable to the practice and summarised with “personally, I just love it”.

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