Saving time with a seamless upgrade to our patient check-in system

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Two practices in Scotland have seen a massive shift in the way their practice operates thanks to our patient check-in system. 

Maryhill Red Practice and Barclay Medical Practice in Scotland recently upgraded from an outdated version of the system to further benefit their patients and staff. We spoke to Karlyn McGowan, practice manager at Maryhill Red Practice and Colin Mitchell, patient and project manager at Barclay Medical Practice about the upgrade process. They were not only impressed with the way the new upgrades improved the way their practices work but also with how seamlessly the switch took place.  


Simple to set up and easy to use

When running a busy general practice, the last thing you need is an upgrade to leave you unable to function properly for an entire day. That’s why we focus on making all our upgrades and installations as quick and seamless as possible. “The installation took just a couple of hours, and there was no interruption at all,” Karlyn tells us. “The engineer came in at 7:00 am and was finished by lunchtime.”

The practices have also found the upgraded system to be extremely user-friendly. Colin explains, “the system is straightforward to use, and even the more wary patients are starting to use it more and more.” The user-friendly system hasn’t just been a benefit for patients; it’s also led to fewer issues with setting up and running the system. “When Isaac, our engineer, came in to install the upgrade, he showed me what I needed to do and answered all my questions,” explains Karlyn.  


Saving time for both patients and staff

“I would say 99% of our patients use our screens to check-in. It’s saving one to two hours in the morning, and another hour in the afternoon”

Karlyn McGowan, practice manager, Maryhill Red Practice.

Upgrading their patient check-in system has also seen each practice save time for both their patients and their staff. It’s massively cut down queues at reception as patients can check in at the kiosks, leaving reception free to deal with any immediate enquiries or tasks.

“Our receptionists aren’t having to spend large amounts of time speaking to patients and booking them in. Instead, they can answer our phones and deal with enquiries. They also deal with emergency call-backs from the GP and scan prescriptions. Moreover, in the back office, we’ve got other types of paperwork being completed,” explains Karlyn.

In short, the kiosks have made it much easier for the reception teams to manage their workload and deal with patients in urgent need of assistance.


Gathering and checking patient information

 The upgraded check-in system also supports GDPR guidelines and allows practices to collect and update relevant patient information. “We’re able to search the population data gathered through the check-in kiosks and then use this to update their records within EMIS PCS,” explains Karlyn.

Colin also told us that Barclay Medical Practice is using the additional features of the updated kiosks to collect vital patient contact information. “Before we were relying on patients to tell us when their information changed, and it was an easy way to lose contact. Now, the kiosks are doing the work for us, which has saved so much time,” he explains. 

 “The additional features of the upgraded kiosks have been amazing for us.”

Colin Mitchell, patient and project manager, Barclay Medical Practice.

Better privacy for an improved patient experience

With the more up-to-date contact information and permissions the practices can collect through their updated kiosks, they’re able to maintain better communication with their patients. “We use text messages for everything: for appointments, results and allowing patients to access their medical record,” says Karlyn.

With this information the practice can contact patients much more easily and immediately. “We have an 0800 number so people wouldn’t always pick up the phone and we wouldn’t get an answer for three or four days,” she continues. “With a text message, they usually call back there and then.”  

Colin has also found that patients are commenting on the anonymity of the check-ins. “They love the privacy of not having to speak to anyone about their details or conditions until they get into the surgery.”

Overall, the kiosks have helped to create a much more cohesive and personalised patient experience, with the practices now able to tailor their messages based on the patient information they have at their fingertips.


A seamless upgrade with multiple benefits

Upgrading their patient check-in kiosks has brought many benefits. From freeing up time for reception staff, improving data gathering and creating a better patient experience, the upgrade has made a massive difference to each of the three practices.

Best of all though, was the simplicity and seamlessness of the update, meaning the practices could start to provide a better patient experience and improve their way of working with as little downtime as possible. 

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