Lanarkshire practices saving time with digital signage and patient call

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Clinicians at four practices in Lanarkshire are saving up to two minutes per consultation by using our integrated solutions from within their Vision clinical system.

Caring for around 20,950 patients between them, the GP surgeries of Hamilton West Medical Practice, Holytown Surgery, Newarthal Medical Practice and Thistle Medical Practice are spread throughout Lanarkshire in Scotland. Connected by a common county, the practices have also found themselves linked by another shared theme: the way that they’re using our patient call and digital signage systems to save vital time.

Making care timelier for patients and life easier for clinicians

These time savings have come about through the improved way that clinicians are able to call patients to appointments. Previously, half of the practices had no system in place at all, while the other half used a different system to ours. These different set ups proved ineffective in supporting the practices’ needs.

As Premkumar Alamantha, practice manager at Holytown Surgery, NHS Lanarkshire explains, “GPs used to buzz through to reception” so that staff could notify patients to enter consultation rooms, a process that ate into the amount of face-to-face time that clinicians could spend with patients.

“They like the system – the patients like the signs and it’s easy for everyone to use.”

Premkumar Alamantha, practice manager, Holytown Surgery, NHS Lanarkshire

Since using our systems, clinicians across the different sites have been able to reclaim this valuable appointment time. Our systems’ integration capabilities mean that healthcare professionals only have to click a few buttons within their Vision clinical system to let patients know they’re ready to see them. This automatically sends a notification to patients via the digital signs displayed around the waiting room – and it’s all done without reception having to intervene.

For every appointment, these changes are saving around one to two minutes of time. Across the roughly 245 consultations that the practices collectively offer each week, that adds up to around eight hours and ten minutes of total time saved.

Improving how information is shared

Premkumar also points out how the four practices are finding it easier to spread messages to patients with their digital screens, particularly since staff have been making use of the ready-made content that was available to them as soon as everything was set up.

By displaying information in this way, the practices have replaced the leaflets that used to be displayed around their waiting rooms. Not only is it helping to remove the amount of paper that’s being used, but it’s also supporting the different reception teams to let patients know about everything that’s going on across their practice.

A positive change for everyone

While the systems were chosen by the local health board, both the practices and their patients are impressed by the changes that have been made. As Premkumar says, “They like the system – the patients like the signs and it’s easy for everyone to use.”


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