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Engineering Services and Service Desk

Serving 25% of the Leeds population, North Leeds CCG includes 26 practices providing essential primary care services to a patient list size of over 211,000. With digital technology vital to maintaining those services it is vital that they have suitable support and maintenance in place.

As part of the managed service contract we provide a full-time engineering resource to work as an extension of the CCG as well as a technical support desk function to act as first point of contact should any issues arise. 

Workload and priorities are defined based on the CCG’s requirements, whilst we are responsible for ensuring the resource has the relevant skills, training and experience to be able to support those requirements. 

Having a dedicated engineer is a great asset to the organisation. The resource is managed and dispatched by Egton’s Service Desk which means there’s always someone on hand to speak with our staff and deploy resource to member practices as required.

Mike Byron, primary care GP IT manager, NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership states

Front-line engagement

Continuity and reliability of service are paramount as are the working relationships formed by our team. By providing dedicated resource Staff across the 26 sites know and trust the engineer and support staff whilst they are able to build a better understanding the way individual practice operate.

Amy Sandlan, Administrations officer, Burton Croft Surgery has this to say about Josh our engineer working in the region “He is extremely knowledgeable and happy to help. He’s also efficient, which is very much appreciated in general practice.”

Providing value and scale

The success of the managed service contract with North Leeds CCG has not only allowed them to refocus their efforts internally but also provided them a trusted route to scaling operations when required. Mike advises “Having an existing relationship in place is great when it comes to working on new large scale projects, if needed we know we can easily scale up with Egton based on the needs of our projects”. 

This ability to scale is highlighted in the rollout and continued support of our Practice WiFi solution across the whole of Leeds, covering over 135 practices and branch sites of which the North Leeds Estate is part of.

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