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The whole functionality of the system is useful and for us, the biggest improvement is having everything in one place.

Stuart Tilley, practice business manager, The Valleys Medical Partnership.

The Valleys Medical Partnership have close to 50 members of staff across two sites. We’ve worked with the practice for around three years, helping to manage their documents and keep everything in one place – which is why we approached the practice to demonstrate how Intradoc247 could streamline their admin tasks and bring about better collaboration.

As Stuart Tilley, practice business manager recalls, “I very quickly realised how Intradoc247 would be extremely beneficial for the practice.” It’s because of this that Intradoc247 has become a key part The Valleys Medical Partnership. As Stuart mentions, “there are only two main systems for us, which are Intradoc247 and our clinical system.”

A scalable solution

Intradoc247 is flexible and customisable, supporting CCGs and practices of any size. In the last 12 months, The Valleys Medical Partnership have become a multi-site organisation, which has more than tripled their patient list size from 4,000 to over 12,500 patients. For Stuart this meant that they had to add more to Intradoc247, with “more documents to manage and more employees to add.” The scalability of Intradoc247 meant that the practice could continue using the same system without the need to invest in another intranet solution to accommodate both sites.

It’s meant that the two sites have been able to join forces and work as one team with a centralised solution for their documents and admin tasks. However, the system works to the sites’ individual needs where required, too. As Stuart mentions, “It’s really useful being able to keep certain things separate because some of the information is site-specific. Intradoc247 is flexible enough to differentiate between the two sites.” Role-based access means information can only be accessed by those authorised to view it too, with Stuart mentioning that “the HR records are site-specific, so it’s handy being able to keep the two separate.”

Effective document management

We’ve designed Intradoc247 with healthcare professionals in mind, which is why Stuart and his team are able to save time and centralise their documents. As Stuart recalls, “we had our own internal intranet system which was very basic. We had spreadsheets here, there and everywhere, and it was time consuming trying to find documents on the shared drive.”

Intradoc247 provides timely access to information and is empowering Stuart’s team to keep documents and policies up to date as well. “It’s also useful for staff to find out when their training is due and when their assigned documents need reviewing, which I had to manually keep track of before,” mentions Stuart. “It reduces my workload as the system automatically sends a reminder to the relevant person and updates the notice board.”

Stuart points out that, “With Intradoc247 everything is in one place,” which was one of the main reasons for The Valleys Medical Partnership using the system, since they now “no longer need to check this and that in a folder, then search for something else in a pile or filing cabinet.” It’s also helping Stuart in his role as practice business manager, since “it’s much easier to find the information I need and perhaps more importantly, to keep control of the practice.”

One system for all

Intradoc247 is the main system Stuart uses to complete his daily tasks. As he mentions, “because of the type of work that I do, I spend my whole day logged on to Intradoc247 and will probably use it several times throughout the day.” But he also explains how it’s helping others across the practice. While “the admin team use both Intradoc247 and the clinical system” and “the doctors, nurses and healthcare team mainly use the clinical system,” Intradoc247 helps to bring together the non-clinical documentation for The Valleys Medical Partnership so that “every member of staff uses Intradoc247.”

“What’s particularly helpful for staff across the sites is the HR module,” Stuart continues, although he also mentions that “the most common use is for holiday requests.” Having the entire team using one system provides the visibility for better communication and collaboration at the practice.

Altogether it means that our solution is alleviating some of the admin complexities that The Valleys Medical Partnership face, while driving efficiencies and allowing staff to spend more time looking after patients.


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