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We have two important systems that we use to run our practice, that’s our clinical system and Intradoc247.

Stephen Leather, practice manager at Appletree Medical Practice

Situated in a village in Duffield, Appletree Medical Practice is a six-partner practice with around 11,000 patients across their two sites of Duffield and Little Eaton surgeries.

We currently provide Appletree with our back-office document management solution, Intradoc247, and support communication between the practice and patients through our bespoke website solution, GP Web.

“We are a forward-thinking practice,” says practice manager Stephen Leather. “I wanted to improve communication and information sharing around the business, and being among the first early adopters of Intradoc247 meant we could work closely with Egton to make sure it fully met our needs.”

Meeting practice needs

“We started off using an S: drive, then we had an intranet system which was too simple – so when Intradoc247 came along, we felt it had the right balance and wasn’t too complex or simplistic,” notes Stephen.

Appletree have used Intradoc247 since 2013 and it’s now ingrained into the way they work. Stephen explains how, “Intradoc247 has become part of our practice. We call it The Tree because it’s where we store and share all our documents and knowledge.” User-level access also allows other members of Stephen’s team to access information relevant to their role, improving information sharing and task management.

As assistant practice manager, Lianne Burke says, “Intradoc247 is really intuitive and we use it to a high level.”

Better ways of communicating

Intradoc247 supports Appletree in a number of ways, like keeping the practice informed. Stephen recalls how, “In the past there would have been a file then an updated file, and it was difficult staying on top of these.” Appletree‘s now able to assign document owners and set review dates, using version control to keep documents up to date.

The system also helps to simplify the practice’s holiday booking process, and provides visibility on staff availability for future planning. As Stephen explains, “What I find really useful on the system is information populating automatically. A good example is when the annual calendar and Home Page auto populates with information from the holiday calendar, which makes it easier to view who’s off and when.”

Informed and empowered patients

While Intradoc247 supports communication within the practice, our GP Web solution provides a patient-facing communication channel that allows the practice to share important updates – and lets patients access online services.

“We don’t take it for granted that patients want to know how we work. Some of our patients visit us a couple of times a year, so they use our website as a reference point to view up-to-date information on policies, procedures and to access our online services,” says Lianne.

It’s how Appletree are helping patients take ownership of their own health while reducing the pressure busy staff can face. “The online services are saving us a considerable amount of time,” Lianne points out. “Around 25-30% of our repeat prescription requests come from online. This takes away some of the pressure on our reception staff and reduces call volumes.”

Delivering on compliance

GP Web not only helps the practice communicate and support their patients, but helps Appletree to stay compliant too. As Stephen comments, “We wanted to simplify the site structure and our previous website wasn’t compliant with the NHS information governance standards. We thought our options were limited until we came across GP Web.” This information is also easily kept up to date, since, as Lianne details, “When I need to update or amend information, I just quickly go on and update in a few clicks. It’s that simple.”

Appletree can also find all the information they need with Intradoc247. “The search button is also key to us,” mentions Stephen. “When we name documents, we pick out what we call buzzwords, so that when searching, the documents with the tagged buzzwords come up, which makes it easier to find the information you need. We now have information at our fingertips.”

Full audit trails work alongside this searchable information to keep Appletree inspection-ready, which has supported them in their recent CQC visit. “We could evidence how we’d been working in just a few clicks,” continues Stephen. “An example is the fridge temperatures. We could just pull out information in front of them. Whatever they asked for, we were able to show how we managed it through Intradoc247.”

Working towards paper-free working

“I can’t remember the last time I used the filling cabinet to put a document away,” mentions Stephen. “We are an accredited paper-light practice, which is a local IT initiative encouraging practices to be paper light, saving most information electronically. Intradoc247 helps us a lot with this."

Our solutions are supporting efficient, paper light ways of working and enabling better communication between patients and Appletree Medical Practice. “We have a safe and secure place to store documents when we get them. We simply scan the document then electronically share it with the relevant people whereas before, we would’ve had to photocopy around six copies of the same document.”

All this is saving the practice time spent on admin tasks, enabling staff to spend more time looking after patients.

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