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To improve the efficiency of the billing process for the growing number of non-NHS services they provide, Lake Road Practice started using Egton Billing.

Set in the heart of Portsmouth, Lake Road Practice was established by a merger of three smaller inner city practices. At its new, larger size, it has 12 GPs and 35 support staff providing care for over 15,000 patients.

For Tom Micklewright, managing partner, “transparency and the ability to produce a comprehensive annual report” to align with the practice’s wider organisational objectives are highly important. After viewing a demonstration at one of our conferences, Tom realised Egton Billing met these requirements.

More efficient billing 

Previously, the practice relied on manual receipt books and complicated excel spreadsheets, which Tom described as a “long winded and time consuming” process.

Staff also didn’t have the tools “to take deposits as it became too difficult to keep track of which customers had paid what and when”. Now, the practice has the invaluable ability to track payment reconciliations and outstanding balances, quickly and easily.

“Since embedding Egton Billing, the billing process has become really straight forward and so much easier”

Tom Micklewright, managing partner, Lake Road Practice

Tom also explained they’d experienced a “significant reduction in time when raising intercompany invoices” in particular. As a result, the administration staff have “more time to chase unpaid invoices” which has improved debt recovery rates. 

Strategic overview and maximising income generation

While Egton Billing has increased efficiency within the practice when creating bills, Tom states that the main benefit has been a new “clarity on exactly what the practice is and isn’t charging for”. Previously, year-end reporting was difficult as the practice “couldn’t access the information as to what money they’d actually taken” from non-NHS funded services.

Egton Billing’s reporting functionality has been vital in providing full visibility and clarity on the practice’s non-NHS income, especially when writing annual reports. For example, “being able to easily report at year end that 200 medical reports brought in X amount” enables Tom to provide strategic commentary around precise income figures explaining how they contribute and “link with the organisation’s wider strategy”.

This reporting functionality can also be utilised to identify trends and potential opportunities to scale services out and maximise their revenue streams.

Improved customer service  

Tom notes that their customers have complimented the change in system as they now “receive invoices more timely” due to the automation within Egton Billing. Customers also “really enjoyed” the new system as the “invoice formats are easier to understand”.

With everything being online, the practice can provide information quickly and easily. A real benefit that has “been fantastic” is the sophistication of Egton Billing, making it easy to link patients with company medical requests, simplifying the process of tracking bills.

The practice can now invoice a piece of work - such as a medical report - to a company whilst also linking the service to the specific individual involved. This means that should either the company or individual later decide to contact the practice, staff can easily pull up either account and view full information and billing history.

“The system provides much more transparency on either side”

Tom Micklewright, managing partner, Lake Road Practice

Using Egton Billing has made tracking, chasing and viewing bills and invoices easier for the team at Lake Road Practice. With the system’s reporting functionality the team are able to get a clear view of what’s being charged and what’s already been paid.

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