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"The process is much faster and requires less admin time... It takes half the time it used to to raise an invoice."

Dean Fisher, Technical Admin Support at The Deepings Practice

A large practice with one branch site in Glinton, The Deepings Practice in Peterborough cares for around 24,000 patients across Market Deeping. Supporting these patients are 19 GPs, over 50 administration and a large nursing team, many of which now use Egton Billing.

For Dean Fisher, technical administration support for the practice, software has to be “simple to use, easy to learn and, more importantly, reduce the amount of time processes take” for it to be effective. It was after viewing a demonstration at one of our conferences and trialling Egton Billing for one month that Dean realised that the system met these requirements and the wider “needs and expectations” of the practice.

More efficient billing

“Our previous way of working meant that patients would receive a receipt through mail merge and we would generate a letter via EMIS Web,” explains Dean. “Receptionists had to create a receipt, print this off and ensure they were logged onto the spreadsheet.” Two copies of receipts had to be generated too – one for the practice and one for the patient.

Since using Egton Billing, this “process is much faster and requires less admin time,” mentions Dean. That’s because creating a bill “takes half the time it used to” – which has “become even faster” since an update to the system.

This is also down to the automation within Egton Billing, which means that staff no longer have to “print that second copy of the receipt or invoice” for their records. Now, “only one copy is given to the patient” while Egton Billing records a copy for the practice “which can be produced by using the reports feature.”

Syncing information for accurate records

This automation within Egton Billing has not only helped to make the practice more efficient, but has “also improved accuracy”, as it’s removed the mistakes that staff might have previously made.

“Human error can easily happen in a busy practice, but Egton Billing alleviates this,” continues Dean. It means that “the correct patient is recorded as having paid” since the system “syncs back to our clinical systems and pulls patient details through” thanks to Egton Web integration. This has also helped the practice to feel more reassured, since “the person taking the payment is confident that all the information is stored on Egton Billing.”

A better experience for everyone

While Egton Billing is better-supporting those creating the bills, it’s providing a better experience across the practice too thanks to improved processes.

“The best thing about Egton Billing is how slick and easy the process of billing has become... We would absolutely recommend it to others.”

Dean Fisher

As Dean notes, “When we do our reconciliation, it’s easier to grab a record of invoices and payments we’ve taken.” And since “everything’s online” it means “that receipts can be transferred more easily” and means that the practice “can provide information a lot easier” – which is improving how they work with their accountants.

These improved processes are helping to better the patient experience as well. Not only do “Receipts look more professional and can be generated faster,” mentions Dean, “they include the details of the patient, the date and time of payment, and the treatment they receive” so that patients have a full record of the transaction.

From time-savings and a better patient experience to improved processes and accuracy, Egton Billing is fully supporting the needs of The Deepings Practice.

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