Save up to ten hours every week with our waiting room solutions

Article posted on 24th July 2018

Health and social care

It’s really important that your patients are provided with the best experience when they enter your practice. It’s also really important that your staff have the capacity to spend more time with those that need their help.

We’re helping to make these aims a reality with our waiting room solutions. Every day, they’re giving practices the ability to ensure that their patients receive both the fastest and best service possible.

Altogether, it adds up to a lot of time saved. In fact, our solutions are saving practices just like yours up to ten hours every single week:  

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Patient check-in

An integrated and use-friendly patient check-in solution that lets patients check themselves in for appointments

  • Streamlined care with automatic updates your clinical system
  • Reducing congestion and improving the patient care journey

Patient call and digital signage

Audibly and visually call patients into their appointments directly from your clinical system

  • Deliver timely and relevant information to patients while they wait
  • Promote your services and customise content to suit your needs


Blood pressure devices

Our range of BP devices covering the consultation, providing care in the community and at home care

  • Clinically validated ambulatory devices designed with comfort in mind
  • Detailed and accurate readings for improved results and diagnosis


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