Plane Trees Practice is making patients’ and staff’s lives easier by using technology

Article posted on 8th October 2018

Health and social care

Plane Trees Practice in Halifax know that with increasing pressures and budget restrictions, they need to save time on everyday tasks by working more efficiently. Through the use of a range of technological solutions, they're alleviating the pressure on their clinical staff and making it easier for their patients to get the care they need.



Being one of the few EMIS Web practices in their area, the team are really making the most of their clinical system. They work with an ex-GP who sets up helpful EMIS Web shortcuts and synonyms to make working faster for GPs, freeing up more time to make better use of consultations. 

"It's very user friendly and if someone came in and had never used it, you'd need a couple of seconds to set them up. It's very self-explanatory." 

Dr Geetha Chandrasekaren, GP, Plane Trees Practice

The team have also been using Docmail to send letters out to patients and Docman 10 to organise their files. The combined use of both systems has helped to reduce admin workload and frees up more time to focus on urgent patient enquiries.

"Everything is available in one central point for clinicians, managers and admin staff to be able to access it."

Daniella Kerry, services and operations manager, Plane Trees Practice

The introduction of Patient Access means that patients are able to get more involved with their health. This helps to reduce the number of unnecessary appointments, reduces DNAs and frees up the phone lines. It all adds up to a lot of time saved, time which can then be used to improve patient care.

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