The state of mobile working in general practice

Article posted on 1st October 2018

Health and social care

The state of mobile working in general practice

The pressure on GP practices is mounting and the demand for mobile care is ever increasing. While new, flexible ways of working can help tackle these strains, are organisations effectively implementing mobile strategies? And what problems are they facing?

We wanted to get the answers to these questions and more. And since we don’t like to deal in ambiguity and assumption, we conducted a bit of research to get exact facts. The information that healthcare professionals provided gave us a wide array of stats that paint a precise picture of the current state of mobile working in general practice.

Particularly interesting is the amount of clinicians who feel mobile care’s important, but also feel like they’re not equipped with the right technology. We’ve seen the benefits of both mobile care and technology throughout our almost 20-year history in supporting healthcare organisations, so we understand these perspectives. And as staunch champions of mobile working, we’re dedicated to helping organisations overcome these challenges and go paper-free at the point of care.

These weren’t the only interesting takeaways we found though. There are plenty of others, all of which we want to share with you. That’s why we’ve structured the data into an easy-to-understand format – just carry on scrolling to see.

State of mobile working infographic

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