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Article posted on 20th September 2017

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Mobile Working

Modernising mobile care

For centuries, clinicians have been making home visits in the acknowledgement that the consultation room isn’t always the best place for patients to receive care. But while mobile working allows clinicians to deliver tailored care in the right place, it doesn’t come without its challenges

This is changing, however, with the growing use of mobile technology. In 2012, NHS Tower Hamlets saw their doctors’ time with patients increase by 39% after using mobile technology. Fast forward to five years later, and more organisations are experiencing similar benefits after being influenced by initiatives like the The Five Year Forward View and Paperless 2020, which have highlighted the importance of delivering digital and mobile care that’s driven by technology.

That’s why we’re looking at specific mobile devices and systems that can provide you with the right support. From improvements to efficiencies and patient experience to making care safer, read on to find out how they can bring both clinical and non-clinical benefits for those using and managing them.

Saving invaluable time when on the go

One of the most valuable things that clinicians can have access to while on the go is real-time patient information.

That’s why mobile solutions that connect with primary care clinical systems such as EMIS Web and SystmOne  can be particularly useful. By allowing field-based clinicians to not only view a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) but update them too, they can make informed assessments while maintaining accurate records.

It’s something that Townhill Medical Practice took advantage of, using Anywhere Consult to remove time-consuming paper processes and become more efficient. As Dr Suthan explains:


“I’m saving around 30 minutes to an hour every day, which I use to see more patients and do more during my visits.”

Dr Suthan, Townhill Medical Practice

Integration for even more efficiency

Often left without the variety of tools that their practice-based colleagues have, GPs and district nurses that work on the road can face problems when it comes to taking accurate tests as well.

This is where integrated devices can help. We have a range of devices that take accurate readings and automatically feed results into patient records. So whether you need to use spirometers or ECG and blood pressure devices, you can ensure that you have the right tools readily available.

This can have a big impact on your efficiency and your patients’ experience. Without the ability to take accurate readings at patients’ premises, patients may need additional appointments that require them to travel to the practice. But with integrated devices to hand, clinicians can make thorough assessments there and then.

Not everything’s clinical

Most of us will automatically think of clinical data when we’re asked to consider what information healthcare professionals might need. But that’s not all they require.

There’s a wide variety of non-clinical information that supports mobile workers and is essential to the smooth running of mobile operations. Without remote access to this important information, clinicians have to spend valuable time travelling to and from the practice to view it. And even with remote access, with such an array of things needed, it can be difficult to manage them all.

This is where something like Intradoc247 can come in handy. Bringing all these disparate parts into one place, cloud-based back office systems like these provide a streamlined source of information so that you can fully support your mobile operations.

And since it can be accessed via your web browser, a mobile workforce can get the data and support they need, when they need it.

Always underpinned by security

One of the downsides of accessing data when mobile is that it’s exposed to risk. Despite electronic records being more secure than paper ones, there’s always the potential that data may be lost, misplaced or stolen.

By giving those managing devices more control with mobile device management (MDM), you can take steps to counteract this. Working with our mobile solution, Anywhere Consult, our MDM system allows you to remotely wipe, intervene and report on all your devices – without having to replace hardware.

So while no one wants the worst to happen, there are things you can do to easily deal with it if it does. And with the added benefit of being able to report on your devices at all times, you can also ensure that they’re working the way they need to.

A complete solution for complete care

Despite mobile care being more appropriate for some patients, it’s not always made life easy for clinicians. But as we’ve seen, there are ways to make it work for you.

That could mean using a variety of the solutions mentioned above and accessing them all through Anywhere Consult. Or it could mean using just one system that’s exactly what you need. Whatever you choose, you can begin to modernise and embed mobile care across your organisation, to the benefit of your patients’ experience and outcomes.

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Success Story

Anywhere Consult - Townhill Medical Practice

Anywhere Consult is supporting six doctors with managing patient records during community visits.

  • Dr Suthan is saving around 30 minutes to an hour every day.
  • Essential when caring for patients with complex needs.
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