Helping patients manage symptoms of respiratory conditions through winter

Article posted on 21st November 2017

Health and social care

Many of us look forward to this time of year, the festive season, New Year celebrations and hopefully some snow. Plus nothing beats sitting by the fire with a warm mug of hot chocolate to end a long cold day. However, for people living with respiratory conditions such as Asthma or COPD, winter can be a time of concern.

Each winter, Asthma UK urge people with asthma to be vigilant as findings show that the number of asthma attacks peak in January and remain high through to March. Their research also found that for 75% of people, the cold air can trigger their asthma symptoms, so offering ongoing support to those suffering from asthma is really important.

Keeping on top of undiagnosed conditions

With so many people living with undiagnosed respiratory conditions, it can be difficult for GP Practices to manage patients and their symptoms. So encouraging regular check-ups can help identify these issues.

“It is estimated that three million people in the UK have COPD, yet a staggering two thirds of these have not yet been diagnosed.”

NHS England

The right tools for the job

There’s a significant peak in Asthma related deaths in December and January, directly relating to winter triggers. Figures sourced from the Office for National Statistics, the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and the National Records of Scotland

Having the right tools in your practice can help you cope with the increased appointment needs and enable you to encourage sufferers to have regular check-ups. Ensuring your practice has effective and efficient spirometers that deliver precise readings and fully integrate with your clinical system can help you provide better patient care. Because our devices automatically upload the results to your records you can stay on top of your patients’ symptoms with the removal of human error.  

Keeping healthy out of the practice

Not only is it important to have the right tools in your practice, but promoting ways to stay healthy at home throughout winter is really important too. Whether that be through your GPs, reception teams, leaflets or digital signage in your waiting room, providing NHS health messages can really help your patients to self-manage their symptoms at home, opening up more appointment times for those with urgent needs.

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