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Keeping your information safe and secure

4th June 2019

From January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and support for devices running on Windows 7. To prevent your files from being at risk, why not take the opportunity to upgrade from your desktop to an Anywhere Consult device so you can

  • ensure the security of your patient information
  • quickly access the information you need, wherever and whenever you need it
  • provide high-quality care from any location.

The changing NHS across the years: how technology has affected general practice – guest blog by Mark Purvis

30th May 2019

Retired GP Mark Purvis, takes a look at how the NHS has changed over time and how technology has impacted general practice by:
- streamlining processes and admin tasks
- reducing prescription and transcription errors
- improving the quality of patient care

A day in the life – Katie White, account manager

30th April 2019

Find out what goes on in a day in the life of account manager, Katie White:

  • how she gets to know her customers and their needs
  • how her knowledge and experience helps customers get what they need
  • how she makes sure she’s always on hand to help.

A day in the life – Our deployment and implementation team

22nd March 2019

Our deployment and implementation team know how important good communication is to ensure:

  • projects run smoothly and to time
  • customers get the tailored service they need
  • issues are addressed and resolved before they become problems.

How we encourage self-care - Guest blog by Dave Chorlton

12th March 2019

Practice health champion at Alvanley Family Practice, Dave Chorlton, takes a look at how promoting self-care can:

  • reduce pressure on practice staff
  • improve the physical and mental wellbeing of patients
  • grow their practice as both a business and a community.

Meet four practices reducing everyday pressures through the use of technology

18th October 2018

Practice life can get busy, but by using a range of technologies that work together you can

  • provide more joined-up healthcare
  • reduce everyday pressures
  • improve the patient experience.

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres is engaging patients through the use of technology

16th October 2018

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres has found that the use of technology has benefitted both their patients and staff by

  • making appointments more accessible for patients
  • freeing up staff time
  • keeping patients up to date with their health records

Penrose Surgery is using technology to triage more effectively, provide more specific patient care and reduce everyday pressures

8th October 2018

The use of technology has seen a number of benefits across Penrose Surgery as they’ve been able to

  • free up more space in the practice
  • improve triaging
  • provide more specific patient care.


Plane Trees Practice is making patients’ and staff’s lives easier by using technology

8th October 2018

Plane Trees Practice in Halifax know that they might not be able to save money, but with the help of technology they’re able to

  • free up more time for patients
  • reduce unnecessary appointments
  • engage patients in their health.

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