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Meet four practices reducing everyday pressures through the use of technology

18th October 2018

Practice life can get busy, but by using a range of technologies that work together you can

  • provide more joined-up healthcare
  • reduce everyday pressures
  • improve the patient experience.

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres are engaging patients through the use of technology

16th October 2018

Haughton Thornley Medical Centres have found that the use of technology has benefitted both their patients and staff by

  • making appointments more accessible for patients
  • freeing up staff time
  • keeping patients up to date with their health records

Penrose Surgery are using technology to triage more effectively, provide more specific patient care and reduce everyday pressures

8th October 2018

The use of technology has seen a number of benefits across Penrose Surgery as they’ve been able to

  • free up more space in the practice
  • improve triaging
  • provide more specific patient care.


Plane Trees Practice are making patients’ and staff’s lives easier by using technology

8th October 2018

Plane Trees Practice in Halifax know that they might not be able to save money, but with the help of technology they’re able to

  • free up more time for patients
  • reduce unnecessary appointments
  • engage patients in their health.

Alvanley Family Practice are using technology to benefit their community of patients

2nd October 2018

 Embracing a wide range of technology has helped Alvanley Family Practice to benefit their community in a number of ways, including

  • improved communication with patients
  • more time for patients who require face to face appointments
  • improve the patient experience.

The state of mobile working in general practice

1st October 2018

The demand for mobile care is increasing, but how effectively are GP practices implementing mobile strategies? We carried out some research and collected dozens of stats to find out. Read on to learn: 

  • how many GPs feel they’re equipped with the right technology
  • the amount of clinicians that have to rely on paper records when mobile
  • how many respondents feel their organisations has a clear mobile strategy.

Save up to ten hours every week with our waiting room solutions

24th July 2018

Having the capacity to provide patients with a great experience and effectively deal with all their needs can prove challenging. Yet there is a way that you can use your waiting room to save vital time and achieve these aims. Read on to see how these products save time:

  • Practice Wi-Fi
  • patient call and digital signage
  • patient check-in

Continuing to #Move4Change

14th June 2018

May’s over and our #Move4Change campaign has come to an end. But that doesn’t mean that you’re no longer helping patients to make lasting improvements to their health and fitness. Read on to find out:

  • what we achieved together this month
  • inspiring stories from practices about the things they’re doing to support patients
  • if you won a healthy hamper in our competition.


#Move4Change: how you can help patients manage symptoms of long-term conditions, enabling them to get active

6th June 2018

For patients suffering from long term health conditions, regular exercise can be daunting. Our latest #Move4Change article looks at how you can help patients manage their symptoms and take steps towards a more active lifestyle:

  • find out what tools you can use to support and empower patients
  • view tips and advice from mental health and respiratory experts.

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