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Article posted on 14th June 2018

Health and social care

Our goal throughout May was to work with you to help patients make lasting improvements to their health and fitness. While the month’s over, the stories you’ve shared and the expert advice we’ve heard have shown that the passion for getting patients to #Move4Change is still going strong.

Most of us are more than a little guilty of neglecting to focus on our health and fitness. But it’s only when you see the stats that the reality of just how pressing a problem this is becomes clear:

We had this information in the back of our minds when we learnt that May’s not only National Walking Month, but is also home to both Mental Health Awareness Week and World Asthma Day. Combine this perfect timing with the fact that we’ve seen just how useful digital technology can be when it comes to supporting patients, and it seemed to us that it would be a waste to not work with each other throughout May. That’s why we launched #Move4Change.

From speaking to experts to gathering your inspiring stories, we came together to help get patients exercising more and living healthier. But while the month’s been and gone, we’re still committed to keeping to conversation going. And from what we’ve heard from you, it’s clear that your efforts are far from done.

Expert tips and simple steps that’ll get your patients on the right path

The cornerstone of our campaign was to gather expert advice from specialists across healthcare. After all, there are few better ways to learn than from those who’ve made it work for them.

For those who either missed them the first time or simply can’t resist another read, here are all three of our articles #Move4Change articles that are stacked full of tips and guidance.    

Your inspiring stories – and our competition winner!

At the start of May, we put out the call to hear your inspirational health and fitness stories, and said we’d award one random entrant a healthy hamper for their efforts. That being said:

Congratulations to Shere Surgery for winning our competition!

Thank you to everyone who got in touch. Your stories will no doubt help inspire other practices to start their own initiatives. Here’s just a small snippet of the great things that you shared with us:

Getting ourselves in shape for charity

It didn’t seem quite right for us to be spreading advice without following it ourselves. That’s why eight members of our team stepped up to the challenge and proved that we could put our money where our mouth is.

Hayley Levene, Sakis Caramanlis, Joshua Kurzawa, Ed Bellamy, Danny Munro, Sophie Milner, Lucy Shepherd, Steve West and Elliot Kitchingman completed ten gruelling early morning boot camp sessions throughout May. They didn’t just forgo a lie in for their health and fitness though – they also used the opportunity to raise money for our partner charity, Mind.


“The Egton team took on the challenge to highlight how much physical exercise can help your mental health,” explains Hayley, marketing campaign manager and organiser of the boot camp. “Each of us also had a different personal goal in mind. For some, it was to improve fitness before taking part in Total Warrior, a tough obstacle race. For others, it was part of a weight loss plan. But for all of us, it was about taking one hour, twice a week, to focus on our own health and wellbeing while raising money for a fantastic cause.

For me, it was great to lose half a stone and feel fitter. A colleague with a bad back found it beneficial for that and another says he feels leaner and fitter. We’ve all had fun and felt better for it. I’d definitely recommend it to other colleagues if we do it again.”

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