Alvanley Family Practice is using technology to benefit their community of patients

Article posted on 2nd October 2018

Health and social care

Alvanley Family Practice serves 5,300 patients across a mixed community population. They’re keen to focus on improving their local community by providing a number of health services and social activities.

The range of technology the practice has at their fingertips means they’re able to communicate more effectively with their patients and raise awareness of their different initiatives. This has meant that the relationships between practice staff and patients has improved and allowed for more trust to develop between them.

“Without a lot of the technology we’re using now, my day would be much longer.”

Katherine Parker, lead practice nurse, Alvanley Family Practice

The practice, along with their patient health champion took the initiative to create a ‘wellness prescription’ which they provide to patients suffering from loneliness and isolation. As a part of this initiative, they run singing sessions and walks. Everything they do links to providing further support for their patients, which goes beyond that of the traditional general practice.

The staff are able to share information about these initiatives through their practice’s social media, which has over 2,000 followers, and through the digital signage in their waiting room. By offering this extra community support the practice has seen a decrease in the number of appointments that are needed.

"Our patients and staff interact together on social media"

Kay Keane, practice manager, Alvanely Family Practice

Technology has also meant that the practice is seeing a large time saving, meaning that consultations and clinics are easier to manage and this frees up more time for patients. This ensures that patients get the help and care they need. It’s important to the team at Alvanely Family Practice that they really get to the bottom of how they can help and the extra time they have to spend with patients allows them to do that.

“Patients find the patient check-in process really easy. They don’t have to wait in a queue, they can just go and sit themselves down.”

Janet Willis, reception manager, Alvanley Family Practice

Through the use of patient check-in kiosks patients don’t have to queue at reception and are directed to the waiting room automatically. This not only improves their experience, but also allows the team on reception to focus on urgent calls and tasks.

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