A day in the life – Nathan Duce, senior quality analyst

Article posted on 9th May 2018

Health and social care

Strangely enough, a passion for horror helps our senior quality analyst, Nathan Duce, to ensure that those who rely on our support avoid experiencing their own scary situations.

With roughly 250 people seeking the support of our service desk every day, we’re focused on ensuring that your services can keep up and running. But we also understand that, in order to make this support effective, the people providing it need a bit of help too. 

This is precisely why Nathan’s job exists. There to help the managed services team as a whole, he performs quality audits and trains staff on anything from workload management to customer experience. Predominantly focused on our incident management team (they’re the ones answering your calls), he succinctly sums his job up by stating that, “I’m essentially the guy who sits behind the front-line staff to help make sure that they’re always delivering high-quality support.”

It’s a role he’s pretty passionate about and one that, surprisingly enough, mixes well with his other passion: horror. It might seem like a bit of an odd combination, but when we understand the full scope of Nathan’s day, just how all of his interests work together becomes a lot clearer.

Getting ahead with an early start

While waking up at a bleary-eyed 5.15 am seems pretty frightful to most of us, we’ve not reached the scary parts just yet. After all, giving up some sleep is a worthwhile sacrifice to make when your nine-month old daughter is the reason behind it.

Once she’s dressed, fed and passed over to grandma, Nathan arrives to the office at 8 am. First up on the agenda is to go over anything that’s outstanding. “I’ll go through all the open incidents and sort them by severity, and by how long it’s been since they’ve had an update.” explains Nathan. “Then I can allocate the work out to people in the room.”

“Members of the team have really gone above and beyond in the past. The service desk in general supports the practice by answering the phone promptly, handling calls well and escalating to engineers in good time.”

Amy Sandlan, operations administrator, Burton Croft Surgery

While we’ll try to provide a fix at the first point of contact, as Nathan explains, “We’ll have to do these follow ups largely because we need more information from a third party or from a customer.” That way, everyone has “time to gather everything.”

Monitoring quality to maintain our standards

These calls will be periodically revisited by Nathan throughout the day to ensure “that everything is being done to solve the issue.” But for now, he moves on to conducting quality audits.

Often completed via recordings, today Nathan’s mixing things up by carrying out a live audit on a call about patient call and digital signage. With the system newly installed, the query is down to the customer getting used to their new system and is therefore a simple fix. The person taking the call simply enters the customer’s portal, makes some tweaks and provides some guidance. With an 80% over-the-phone fix rate, most of our support queries will be dealt with remotely in this way. If not, they’ll be referred to an engineer for an on-site repair.

“Nathan’s invaluable to our team, helping to make sure our customer experience ethos is integrated within our culture. It means that our customers can support their patients with the utmost confidence in our products and in the quality of support they receive.”

Elliot Kitchingman, service desk team manager, Egton

Call over and Nathan’s not picked up on anything that needs immediate attention. He’s gathered some useful notes though, which he’ll use to “provide feedback and then arrange coaching and training sessions.”

Using horror for good

It’s now after lunch and Nathan’s sat with Isaac Solts, the product architect for patient check-in. Together, they’re reviewing a video that Nathan’s created about the system.

This is where Nathan’s horror aficionado status comes in handy. A massive fan of all things scary (Scream’s his favourite film), Nathan’s been making horror videos since he was 12. Carrying these self-taught skills over into his working life, he now creates product-led videos that are shared across our Support Centre. These provide a perfect complement to our comprehensive articles and a good alternative for those who “don’t want to read or haven’t got the time to.”

This latest video “demonstrates how to check yourself in and how to use questionnaires.” As Isaac knows the ins and outs of patient check-in, he’s helping to verify everything. That way, those watching can quickly get up to speed and can refocus their attentions on their patients.

Ensuring we can provide effective support for all

Video signed off, and Nathan’s conducting a training session for staff on managed print services. It’s both his final job for the day and his favourite. As he explains, “I really enjoy the coaching. It’s a great way to build really good personal connections with people.”

“At Egton, we make sure all of our team members are empowered to go above and beyond to help our customers. As a senior quality analyst, Nathan is key to supporting team members and making sure that they can provide a great experience.”

Thomas Solts, head of customer experience, Egton

These training sessions are also important to Nathan because of the benefits they bring. As he explains, “If something isn’t up to standard, this can affect our customers which can then affect their patients. With my coaching and guidance, I can help to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. It’s something that translates through to patients and helps to ensure that they have the best experience too.”

Finishing the day by looking ahead

With the day over, Nathan’s thinking on what’s still to come. The team’s gaining four new apprentices soon and more staff members later, so he’s looking forward to this year. After all, they’ll all need training, giving him all the more opportunity to do what he does best.

His home life is playing a part in this excitement too. “I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter grow,” he notes. “And I’m excited to get her involved in horror films too!”

With that statement, it’s not too difficult to guess what Nathan’s evening involves. Not only does he have a horror short starring his wife to edit, but he’s working on a new video intro too. It’s a good opportunity to sharpen his skills – both for his personal interests and his work ones.

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