A day in the life – Katie White, account manager

Article posted on 30th April 2019

Health and social care

As a dedicated account manager, Katie White spends her day making sure each of our customers have the IT support they need when they need it.

Whether she’s working with a charity, CCG, surgery or a large professional services provider like Deloitte, Katie supports her customers in improving their service offerings by making sure they have all the IT support they need. With such a variety of customers, messages and queries can come through about any topic or product at any time. No two days are the same, but Katie takes it all in her stride and loves having something to get her teeth into.  

On the go from the start

From the minute she wakes up, Katie is on the go. Whether it’s her turn to walk Poppy the dog, or checking her emails for any urgent customer queries, she starts her day early in the morning and doesn’t stop until she goes to bed that night. 

Her morning call to discuss the day ahead often takes place on her drive to work. Today she needs to prepare for an important meeting with Leeds CCG to get to know the new managed service engineer for the CCG. “The meeting will be a great way to get to know who we’ll be working with moving forward and gives us a great opportunity to get to know each other. That way we’ll be able to work together in a manner that suits both of us” explains Katie. She’ll then catch up with other colleagues again at the end of the day, usually on her evening walk or the drive to one of her son’s classes, to discuss what was achieved during the day and catch up on anything that’s still outstanding.

“Katie has been a huge support for us in dealing with Egton. I genuinely look forward to our regular meetings with her.”

Phil Newby, Finance and IT manager, Leeds Mind

Getting to know customers

When it comes to managing customer accounts “it’s all about building relationships, how we can help them and what we can do to make it easier to supply their service users with the right services.”

Today’s meeting with Leeds CCG isn’t the only way Katie gets to know the customers she works with. At the moment she’s in the middle of a large report “assessing our Intradoc estate and customer base.” Assessing the entire estate of Intradoc customers allows Katie to see how their needs can be better met by identifying where account managers need assigning and how the estate can best be managed.

“If we can support our customers properly, we make it far easier for them to support their customers too.”

Katie White, account manager, Egton

Meeting customers face to face is Katie’s favourite way to get to know who they are and what they need. She often takes the time to visit customers at their offices or meets them for lunch, although today’s so full already she won’t have a chance to go on any visits.


On hand to help customers in need, whenever she’s needed

Driven by the knowledge that so many of our customers work to support people in need, Katie keeps a constant eye on her emails. This way she can swing into action and respond to customer enquiries, ensuring any issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

Katie isn’t just a customer champion, she’s a customer warrior. She’s passionate about her customers and works tirelessly to get the best for them. She’s the sort of account manager every customer would want.”

Phil Brown, operation director, Egton

The account management team always works at a fast pace because of the volume of queries and messages they receive. Today, Katie has 300 emails that need her attention in between meeting her manager, Ian, to catch up on her ongoing tasks and discussing her report on the Intradoc estate with Dan Williams, one of our senior management accountants.

You can trust Katie to see objectives through.”

Dan Williams, senior management accountant, Egton

Although the account management team is still developing, Katie’s 19 years of experience with the company means she understands both our products and our customers in great detail. Her in-depth knowledge means she’s able to advise patients on the right IT products to support their organisation and knows exactly what kind of support they need when they call or email her.

Not a nine-to-five role

It’s 4pm and although Katie’s getting ready to leave the office, her commitment to customers continues. She knows that the customer’s she works with don’t have a strict nine to five working day, so neither does she. Whether she’s taking Poppy for an evening walk or taking her son to MMA or swimming classes, Katie’s mobile is always with her so she can speak to any customers who may need her help. IT issues, down time and enquiries can crop up at any time, but Katie makes sure she’s always on hand to help in any way she can.

“If they call me, I’ll get it done.”

Katie White, account manager, Egton

Just as she gets to know her customers, they get to know her through her tireless efforts to respond to their messages and their shared experiences of juggling family life and work. Her customers understand that she’s a busy working mum, so “they really appreciate my honesty when I’m juggling family activities and work. They know who am I as a person, not just as their account manager and trust that I’ll help them get the best support possible, whenever they need me.”

At the end of the day

As she reaches the end of the day, Katie can reflect on all the queries and issues she’s helped to resolve. Knowing that she’s made the lives of customers’ easier is one of the key motivations and seeing their issues being resolved is “one of the most rewarding parts of the job.”

Between busy family and work life, there’s barely time to breathe, but family life is her main passion and any free time she has at the end of the day is spent with them. Her ability to work flexibly and get things done wherever she is means that neither family life nor customer requirements suffer as a result of the other. With her phone to hand she’s always able to respond to a message or query without missing out on family walks or taking her son to various classes.  She might be busy right up until she goes to bed each night, but she’s busy doing what she loves - helping customers and being with her family.


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