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Over the last 20 years we have developed extensive knowledge in our specialist areas, we feel it's important to share that knowledge and best practice along with updates on our business. You'll find all this and more here with regular news and articles to help you navigate some of the complexities of digital transformation.

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2017 year in review

25th January 2018

We’ve had a great year supporting you and helping you to provide your patients with the best experience possible. Find out more about how we've worked together throughout 2017:

- We got everything set up for you, and made sure you had everything you needed to deliver for your patients. 

- Once you were up and running, our products continued to make a difference to you and your patients.

- We made sure that you could keep provided the best possible care. 

A day in the life - Steve Sprange, project management officer

27th November 2017

Read about our project management officer Steve Sprange's day and find out:

  • how he’s helping five CCGs with up to 80 practices each meet their Wi-Fi installation deadlines – all at the same time.
  • tailors installations to practices’ bespoke requirements
  • ensures that work is completed on time by collaborating with teams and organisations.

Infographic: Integrated Medical Devices in General Practice

27th November 2017

Find out how general practice are using integrated medical devices in consultations. 

Our latest infographic contains the latest insight about the benefits that integrated medical devices can bring including trends and thoughts from clinical and non-clinical staff.

  • 83% of practices are still using non-integrated medical devices. 
  • An average of 5 minutes and 39 seconds was saved in each consultation  when integrated medical devices were used. 

See the rest on the insight by viewing our infographic. 

Helping patients manage symptoms of respiratory conditions through winter

21st November 2017

Many of us look forward to this time of year, the festive season, New Year celebrations and hopefully some snow. Read more about:

  • Identifying undiagnosed conditions.
  • How integrated Spirometer devices can help you stay on top of symptoms.
  • Encouraging your patients to stay healthy out of the practice.

How CCGs and federations can ease the strain of winter pressures

30th October 2017

With around 90% of NHS patients interacting with primary care services, the winter strain is often felt the hardest by you and your member practices. That's why we've written up some useful tips about the things you can do to manage during this demanding time. Discover how to:-

  • easily keep practices and patients informed with cost-effective digital strategies
  • cope during staff shortages by connecting care across practices

Supporting your patients’ health needs through the season change

11th October 2017

Guidance for GPs supporting patients through the season change

  • Manage an increase in patient requirements
  • Engage with your patients in and out of the practice

Business continuity - dealing with disaster through mobile working

2nd October 2017

We've focused on three key areas of business continuity to see how mobile working can support you in various scenarios.

  • Places, people and processes - how does mobile working fit into the three pillar of business continuity
  • What mobile systems are available in general practice to manage and prevent patient downtime

Mobile working - enabling efficiencies at point of care

20th September 2017

Mobile working is modernising mobile care. Find out more how mobile technology can help to to bring about efficient working practices in your organisation. We take a look at:-

  • Saving time on clinical tasks and improving outcomes, enabling more time with patients.
  • Accessing and editing EHRs on the go and improving the patient experience.

Provide a more comfortable and accurate patient experience with the BPro Watch

14th September 2017

The BPro watch has been developed and designed to provide many benefits for you and your patients.

  • Provides an alternative to the traditional 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Integrates with EMIS Web for accurate reporting



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