Lloyd George Digitisation Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to find out about the benefits of digitising your Lloyd George patient records. Simply input the details below to see what you could be gaining in financial and property ROI by choosing to upgrade to efficient digital patient records.

Save your staff time and your organisation money

What’s the financial impact of choosing to digitise your patient records? What could you be gaining in other areas of the practice? Our calculator works out the financial value of the time you save using digital records and could also tell you the property ROI you could achieve by clearing space in your practice through the removal of bulky Lloyd George filing systems.

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About You

Your ROI proposal and business case will be sent to you via email so you can share the benefits of digitisation with your organisation.

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Your Organisation

Please enter the required details below so that the ROI for digitisation can be worked out. You will be provided with the documents via email, upon submission.

The amount of practices in your organisation. If you’re from an individual practice, write 1. Please enter a numerical value only.
This is your practice’s average gross internal area (GIA) in square metres. For multi-practice organisations, include the average GIA across all your practices. Please enter a numerical value only.
This is your average property costs, divided by square metres. For multi-practice organisations, it’s the total average cost for all of your practices.
For those unsure of their costs, we’ve used public research to collect values for various regions. Use the dropdown list to find your estimated cost. Please note, the default value of £290 is a conservative estimate.
For individual practices, include your current patient list size. For multi-practice organisations, it’s the combined patient list size for all your practices.
Please enter the total number of clinicians that there are across your practice. For multi-practice organisations, it’s the total amount of clinicians across all your practices.

Find out more about Lloyd George digitisation

Learn more about the process, FAQs and find out why you should choose Egton to be you digitisation partner. 

Lloyd George digitisation

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