Patient Experience

Ensuring the patient is at the centre of everything and providing the technology to give them the best possible experience every single time.

Making sure every experience counts

It only takes one bad experience for a patient to potentially disengage from care. There are many routes to improving patient experience, by giving them access to information when it’s required and offering them a range of consultation types and making them as comfortable as possible at all times are just some ways we can help.

Supporting community care to improve Patient Experience

I'm looking for

GP Web

A website design and management service to deliver your message and provide access online services

  • Support patients to take more ownership of their health
  • Promote your services and share key practice updates and announcements  

Video Consult

Deliver flexible care and give patients access to video consultations at a time that's convenient to them

  • Secure and reliable video appointments directly from EMIS Web
  • Collaborative care between clinicians and specialists

Blood pressure devices

Our range of BP devices covering the consultation, providing care in the community and at home care

  • Clinically validated ambulatory devices designed with comfort in mind
  • Detailed and accurate readings for improved results and diagnosis


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