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We're aware of the complexities involved in community care, from organisation structure to working across a range of remote and complex locations. Our aim is to simplify processes and improve the day to day management of your organisation.

Supporting the delivery of care for everyone

Community care plays a vital part in the patient journey, our aim is to ensure that journey is made as hassle free as possible for both patients and healthcare professionals. We specialise in delivering technology led solutions across health and social care that support new working practices from enabling a mobile workforce to providing effective document management and data sharing.

Creating digital experiences for Community Care

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Our award winning intranet solution streamlining your back office admin tasks and document management

  • A centralised source for all your key document and compliance areas
  • User-level access and full audit trails for better ways of working

EMIS Mobile

Enabling mobile care even without a data connection so you can:

  • make more informed decisions
  • provide better patient care
  • keep all patient information up to date in real time

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