Video Consult

Our secure video consultation system has the option to integrate with Patient Access to give patients a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional appointments. With patients able to speak with their clinician no matter where they are, you can better support their needs while reducing pressure on busy staff.

Improve access to your services by offering video consultations

Whether a patient is housebound, has a long-term condition or simply can’t fit an appointment at your premises into their day, Video Consult can help. By allowing patients to get the help they need without travelling to your surgery, it improves both their experience and access to care.

Key benefits

Allow patients to attend appointments they normally wouldn’t be able to make

With patients able to consult via any connected device, they’ve got the option to speak with their GP no matter how busy their schedule is.

Ensure a seamless experience with the option of Patient Access and EMIS Web integration

Accessing online consultations couldn’t be easier – you can get everything started right from within EMIS Web while all your patients have to do is log on to Patient Access.

Reduce the strain on receptionists and waiting rooms

Give receptionists more time and relieve the pressure on your waiting room by supporting patients outside of the practice.

Keeping your patient’s video consultation secure and private

You and your patients can stay safe in the knowledge that your video consultation will always be private thanks to secure data centres and the guarantee that calls won’t be recorded.  

An effective appointment alternative for you and your patients

Give your patients the option to receive care without having to attend your practice with Video Consult. Providing a convenient alternative to traditional appointments, our online consultation software for GPs allows patients to consult with their clinician over video. It means that, no matter if they’re in the office, at home or somewhere else, patients can still get the help they require – even at times that they normally wouldn’t be able to make.

Different options to suit your different requirements

Clinicians across organisations can make video consultations by accessing the system via standard web browsers:

You’ve also got the option to integrate Video Consult with EMIS Web and Patient Access in order to make everything effortlessly work together:

Hear from Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and’s clinical director about the importance of video consultations and how our new Patient Access integrated version works below:

Video consultations for doctors that support a range of patient needs

Whichever option you choose, you can remove the pressure on your waiting room by making the most of online appointments. Fewer patients arriving at your practice could free up time for reception staff too, who can instead focus on other tasks.

Our system gives you the flexibility to choose the number of video consultations you want to offer too. And for those that go with the integrated version, you’ve got the option as to whether or not patients can book these appointments from within Patient Access. Not only that, but you can pick which patients will benefit most from the system, such as:

With the means to help patients in a variety of different ways, Video Consult supports you to improve not just the patient experience, but your efficiencies too.

Secure and reliable online consultation software for GPs

You and your patients can be rest assured that, no matter how sensitive, anything you discuss during your consultations will remain private. That’s because everything’s hosted in the same EMIS Health data centres as where patient records are stored – and because none of your video calls are recorded.

Video Consult even works with low internet speeds, providing you and your patients with a high-quality experience in almost all situations.* You can also make use of our range of additional devices – like webcams, headsets, extra screens and all-in-one systems – that work with Video Consult and can help ensure your consultations run as smoothly as possible.

*Video quality may be reduced across low-bandwidth connections.

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