Easily access the information you need to plan, manage and report on all your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) requirements. Our award-winning and customisable system brings your separate areas into one place, so that you can efficiently get a handle over your different processes.

Efficiently manage your GRC requirements, no matter your size

From single-site practices to CCGs, our bespoke and straightforward system has a range of modules that allow you to easily take control of all your governance, risk and compliance needs across any area.

Key benefits

A bespoke system that matches your requirements

Ensure you receive the right solution for you by working with our experts to tailor the system to your requirements.

Helping you to focus on your patients

Our award-winning system condenses and simplifies processes so that staff members can focus on other areas of your organisation, like improving patient care

Bringing separate areas together

Whether you’re a practice looking for support with business continuity or an STP that needs to report on business intelligence, you can manage all your GRC requirements from one place.

Convenient access, even when mobile

From IT teams to managers and clinicians, anyone who is involved in maintaining compliance can easily access the system wherever and whenever they need to via connected devices

Important insight into your organisation from a single, simplified source

From business continuity and auditing to incident management and more, TheOneView brings your separate governance, risk and compliance (GCR) needs together into one easily managed place. Providing you with straightforward access to important intelligence about your organisation, it allows you to better understand and deliver various processes so that you can work more effectively.

Accessed through the internet or via bespoke apps for mobile devices, you’re not restricted as to when and where you can use the system. And since all of you data is hosted in Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC)-accredited data centres, you know that your records are both secure and available.

Already used by organisations across healthcare, education, retail, travel, warehouses and distribution, TheOneView has received awards and recognition from both CIR and BCI Europe.

"TheOneView has significantly enhanced our business continuity capability."

John T Frost, head of business continuity, Marks & Spencer

A modular system that’s tailored to your needs

Our team of industry experts work with you to provide a tailored solution. TheOneView is also a modular system, giving you access to a range of GRC areas:

24/7 support available

An efficient way to stay compliant

With greater and more-easily accessed oversight, large amounts of staff are no longer needed to stay compliant. TheOneView also simplifies your information, presenting data in standard reports, graphical presentations and red, amber and green (RAG) statuses, so that users can easily take actions with little to no training.

Not only that, but by making your processes digital, you can reduce your organisation’s reliance on paper too. It means that altogether, you’re provided with an efficient and streamlined way to stay compliant.

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