Save clinical time and gain accurate results when testing your patients with one of our spirometry devices. With a wide range of spirometers for you to choose from, you can ensure you get the right device that works exactly how you need it to.

Efficient and effective testing for better patient care

Improve the care you provide with our range of spirometry devices that support more informed and efficient respiratory assessment.

Key benefits

Saving you clinical time

Help ease the load on busy GPs and nurses by removing the need for them to complete administrative tasks like data entry.

Measure low-flow rates

With precise measurement capabilities, our spirometers allow you to take low-flow-rate readings, giving you accurate results for patients with COPD or asthma.

Reduce the risk of human error with clinical system integration

Our spirometers integrate with a range of clinical systems to automatically sync Read Codes, results and more with patient records, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally recording the wrong information.

Using leading technology for accurate results

Our spirometers make use of advanced technology to give you high-quality and consistently accurate readings in all situations.

When it comes to assessing and treating your patients, it’s important that you have the right tools to hand.

That’s why we offer a range of effective and efficient spirometers. From delivering precise readings to full integration with your clinical system, every one of our devices offers a variety of features that assist with your clinical diagnosis and help to support better patient care.


Save up to ten minutes per test with a comprehensive spirometer. Using a vertical turbine and advanced anti-static plastic, SpiroConnect allows you to gain accurate results even for low-flow rates.

Easy to set up and maintain, it also comes with 100 mouthpieces, a two-year warranty and one year of MediServe support. And with full integration with EMIS Web, PCS, SystmOne and Vision clinical systems, it helps to save you time too, so that you can spend more of it focussing on your patients.

Save up to ten minutes per test with SpiroConnect

2 year warranty with SpiroConnect

Vitalograph Pneumotrac

Reduce the risk of making mistakes and improve efficiency with an integrated PC-based spirometer that's backed up by over 50 years of spirometry expertise.

Vitalograph’s Pneumotrac spirometer has no moving or heated parts, and uses Fleisch pneumotachograph flow measuring technology to provide you with safe testing that’s sensitive to low-flow rates. Results are recorded through Spirotrac software which can be installed on any PC, while Vitalink provides integration with your patients’ records in EMIS Web.

Vitalograph have over 50 years of spirometry expertise.

Vitalograph COMPACT

Work more flexibly with a standalone medical workstation that’s powered by Spirotrac software and contains a Vitalograph Pneumotrac spirometer.

COMPACT integrates with a range of devices, including a 12-lead ECG, giving you the ability to carry out an array of tests from one place. Plus, you can customise the system to use it for clinical studies.

It saves clinical time too, since you only have to connect COMPACT to your network to automatically send results and audit trails back to EMIS Web.


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