Patient check-in

Streamline how your patients let you know that they’ve arrived for their appointments with our user-friendly check-in system. From cutting down queues to keeping patients more informed, it supports everyone in the practice to provide them with a better all-round experience.

More than just a check-in kiosk

Patients can see helpful information, book future appointments and provide you with vital feedback thanks to customisable options that make your kiosk more than just a system used for checking-in.

Cut back congestion

Reduce the strain on your busy reception staff so that they can deal with more complicated queries that require their help.

Supporting patients as soon as they enter your practice

Assist patients the moment they arrive with helpful information like directions to waiting rooms, or late arrival advice.

Integrates with your clinical system

EMIS Web integration means that your clinical system is automatically notified of a patient’s arrival, without you having to take any action.

Save time with an easy-to-use system

Operate and manage your system from a single dashboard so that you can spend more time focussing on patients and their care.

Reduce the strain on your staff with a streamlined system

Make the way that your patients notify you of their arrival for appointments more efficient with our patient check-in system. Used over 30 million times by patients since April 2018, it’s already helped practices to save over 440,000 hours of check-in time.

Patients only have to make a few presses on a touch screen kiosk to let you know that they’re at your practice and ready for their consultation. They’ll then receive a confirmation of their appointment in seconds, while EMIS Web integration means that your clinical system is updated of their arrival without staff having to take any action.

It reduces the strain on your busy receptionists as they no longer have to deal with long queues and congestion at their desks. And by cutting the pressure they face, you give them extra time to work on more complex queries and important tasks.

Improve your patients’ experience

With a range of customisable options, you can improve your patients’ experience beyond simply cutting down the amount of time they have to spend in queues:

Practices and wider care groups benefit from optional extras like our questionnaire module too, which can be used to gain responses from specific patient groups in order to improve services or collect QOF data. 

“The check-in experience before meant you’d get in a long queue to speak to the receptionist. The queue is a lot smaller now. I find it really good."

Harry Jeffries, patient, Alvanley Family Practice

Simple set-up and supported use

Your kiosks can be set-up and managed through a single, intuitive dashboard, making it easy for you to get up and running.

We also host the system’s software on secure N3 servers, to provide you with a safe service that we can unobtrusively roll-out updates to without disruption. It also means that we can respond to any issues quickly, to make sure that your systems are always working.

With an easy-to-use system that‘s provided with comprehensive support, you can ensure that patient check-in works exactly how your practice needs it to.

“Egton provided us with a solution that was running on Windows 10, offered managed patching, and gave us visibility on compliance reporting.”

Samantha Coop, IT project coordinator, Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS)

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