Patient call and digital signage

Improve your patients’ experience while saving clinical time with our simple and customisable solution. Whether it’s to call patients to their consultations or to display important health advice, our digital signs help support patients and clinicians across your practice.

Helping you to get patients more involved in their own health

Spread the word about health initiatives that support patients to get more involved in managing their own health by displaying tailored and customised messages to patients while they wait.

Key benefits

Use custom or ready-made content

Create your own content or access our media library to create varied, entertaining and tailored messages for your patients.

Reduce the pressure on reception

Reduce the amount of uninformed queries receptionists deal with and provide your patients with the information they need to engage with your services and ask more informed questions.

Save time with complete integration

Clinicians can simply call patients to their appointments from within their clinical system, instead of having to leave the consultation room.

Join up care across areas

CCGs can share content with their practices in order to deliver unified health messaging and support across locations.

Efficiencies and benefits for your practice

View the video below to hear about Hillfoot Surgery's experience and how it improved their efficiencies and operations and patient experience. 

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A simple way to engage patients and support staff

Your waiting room helps to form your patients' first impressions of your practice. To ensure that they're making the right one, it's important to make effective use of these areas.

You can make your waiting rooms more engaging and informative for patients with our digital signs. From allowing you to share entertaining content to communicating important health advice, they help to improve your patients' experience while in your care.

We also give you the ability to call patients to their appointments through your screens with the optional extra of a patient call system. Full integration of patient call with a range of clinical systems, including EMIS Web, PCS, TPP and Vision, means that appointment information can be pulled directly from your digital appointment book. This allows you to create a more streamlined waiting room that supports not just patients, but clinicians too.  

Save time for clinicians and receptionists

Adding patient call to your digital screens is a quick way to save clinical time:

Our digital signs can also help you to reduce the pressure on your receptionists by allowing you to display details like practice opening hours and available services. This way, you can answer patients’ questions without them having to queue at reception.

Sharing important information about specific health messages and practice services also means that any enquiries staff do receive will be informed and should therefore take less time to answer.

Inform patients to help improve their health

We give you the ability to target specific groups of patients with tailored messaging so that you can raise awareness of your services. Whether it’s to remind patients about immunisations or share details about smoking clinics, our signs help you to get the word out to patients about the support available to them so that they can take a greater role in managing and improving their own health. By using the 'inform' application, you can also allow your reception staff to quickly update the system to keep patients informed about whether clinicians are behind schedule. 

Customise content or use ready-made resources to provide an engaging experience


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