N3 Connect

We’re connecting GPs and practice staff to their clinical system and other NHS services and systems with N3 Connect. Providing them with access to the N3 Network via any internet connection, our system uses a secure token for two-factor authentication to create a VPN connection.

N3 Connect integrates with our mobile solution, Anywhere Consult, giving you the ability to access NHS systems from wherever you are.

Real-time connectivity to NHS services and systems

Get real-time access to the essential NHS systems you need to deliver informed and effective care, even when working remotely.

By providing you with connectivity to the N3 Network (soon to be the Transition Network), we support you to access to a wide range of systems and services*, including:

Keeping you securely connected, whatever the setting

With N3 Connect, you can stay connected to your systems when on the move and outside of your practice.

It works seamlessly with our Anywhere Consult devices to provide you with a secure way to connect and work. And for added login security, N3 Connect uses a physical token that provides two-factor authentication.

With access to vital patient information in real time and with secure connectivity, nothing can get in the way of your care delivery.

How it works:

this gives you access to crucial services whenever and wherever patient care takes you.

*additional systems and considerations will need to be made to access all of these features. Please speak to one of our customer support team members to find out more.

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