Health Pod

Save time for everyone by giving patients the option to complete routine tests themselves. Everything can be done in one go since the standalone kiosk takes multiple readings that are then either feed straight into EMIS Web or are stored for clinical review.


Reduce the pressure and the costs that can come with routine testing

By giving patients who don’t necessarily need to see a GP or nurse an alternative way to get tested, you’ll be able to free up vital appointment time and could cut back on costs.

Key benefits

Gain multiple health readings in one go

Your patient’s blood pressure, height and weight can be tested, giving you a one-stop way to gather different results.

Provide proactive and timely care

GPs can stay up to date with patients’ health without appointments, something which could help them to spot and treat conditions early.

Make things easier for patients

Your patients can arrange testing at a time that suits them and won’t have to make their schedule fit around available appointments.

Effortlessly ensure accurate data

With automated testing and automatic results, you can remove both the risk of human error and the task of manually recording information.

Gain various routine health readings without a GP appointment

Taking routine tests can prove both costly and time consuming. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Health Pod is a standalone kiosk that gives patients the chance to complete a number of different routine tests without necessarily needing to attend an appointment with a GP. Both you and your patients can easily collect a wealth of health data since the system comes with different integrated devices that allow for multiple tests to be carried out in one sitting.

With patients able to self-serve once they’re set up to use the system, clinicians can save vital time. And since patients don’t have to factor appointments with their GP into their schedules, it makes life easier for them too.

Flexible, user-friendly and fully integrated

Each modular kiosk can take up to three different readings, allowing patients to easily complete multiple tests in one go. All results are then either automatically fed straight into EMIS Web or are stored for clinical review. With no need to complete manual data entry, you’ll be able to save further time and ensure accurate results.

Your Health Pod package includes:

Securely painting a better picture of health for everyone

Health Pod provides all patients with personalised and interactive information that makes things as clear as possible. We’ve made everything as secure as possible for patients too. No information will show on the system’s screen – instead, patients receive a printed piece of paper which ensures their data remains private.

With patients able to easily record and monitor their health in-practice, you can gain a fuller picture of their needs. It could even help you to provide better preventative or proactive care, since you may be able to catch conditions like hypertension early.


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