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Provide your patients with a great online experience with our website design and management system. With a clean and simple design, we’ll create a site that truly reflects your organisation and supports patients to become more engaged with your services.

Give your patients more ways to get involved in their health

Get your patients more involved in their own well being with a user-friendly website that you can use to display and link to accurate health information, tips and advice.

Key benefits

Paint a true picture of your practice

With a website that accurately reflects your organisation, you can ensure that your patients are provided with a professional portrayal of your services.

Create a unified message across areas

While practices keep control of their site, CCGs can form a connected GP website network in order to add and update core health messages across areas.

Save staff time

Your patients can find answers to their questions about your services on your site, reducing the pressure on busy staff and giving them more time for other responsibilities. 

Here to provide advice and support

Our easy-to-understand how to guides and UK-based support team help you to make the most of your site, even if you don’t have the experience in doing so.

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Painting a true picture of your practice 

Ensure that your website accurately reflects your organisation with our website design system. Allowing you to easily update your website with your own content and messaging, it supports you to really get the word out to patients about how they can take ownership of their own health. Even if you have an existing website, we can create you a new, modernised one and can easily transfer your content over to it so that you can smoothly transition between the two.

Not only that, but we’ll also provide you with a simple-to-use management system. By allowing you to quickly add or amend pages and content, you can get important information out to patients with ease.

"When I need to update or amend information, I just quickly go on and update in a few clicks. It's that simple."

Lianne Burke, assistant practice manager, Appletree Medical Practice

Engaging patients while supporting staff

We help you to fully utilise your online presence so that you can engage with your patients and support them to be more involved in their own health:

By making more help available to your patients online, you can reduce the demand on busy staff so that they can work more efficiently and effectively. Staff don’t have to spend long periods of time updating your website too, since they can quickly add or edit content from anywhere with our app for both Android devices and iPhones.

"We wanted to simplify the site structure and our previous website wasn't compliant with the NHS information governance standards. We thought our options were limited until we came across GP Web."

tephen Leather, practice manager, Appletree Medical Practice

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