EMIS Mobile

EMIS Mobile gives you quick and secure access to the core elements of EMIS Web so you can view, edit and download patient information and stay connected, even without an internet connection.

Provide more informed care closer to home with quick and secure access to all the relevant patient information on a range of compatible devices.

Key features

Secure access to patient records when you’re on the go

GPs and nurses making visits outside of the practice can view and update patient information in real time, making sure everyone is informed and connected.

Stay connected without a connection

Save record updates, appointments and tasks ready to sync with EMIS Web when you’re back online.

Native Android, iOS and Windows 10 apps 

Access the EMIS Mobile app on your preferred device for a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Improved patient safety

Real-time patient alerts and warnings make it easier to identify vulnerable patients and serious or complex conditions.

Download the app now to use on iOS, Android and Windows 10.

An integrated system for more joined-up care

By integrating with your clinical system, EMIS Mobile helps you to save clinical time and provide a more engaging experience. It also provides better joined-up care and allows for more informed decisions by giving visibility of patient warnings and alerts in real time, improving patient safety.

You can create and assign tasks for both yourself and others so everyone can be involved in more connected care. It means that patients are provided with a better experience, in line with new models of care.

Simply accessed through your mobile devices*, EMIS Mobile allows you to:

*see compatible devices below or visit EMIS Now.

Suits the way you work
Because EMIS Mobile is available on the Apple and Windows app stores and via Google Play, you can access it on a range of compatible devices. With the ability to use the app on a device you’re familiar and comfortable with, there’s no need to spend time getting to know both a new app and a new device, which means you can start putting it to use and seeing the benefits more quickly.

Native to your device’s operating system, it means EMIS Mobile:

Key app features

We’re continually working to bring you new features that provide you with better support.

We’ll keep listening to and gathering your feedback so that we can bring you even more improvements in the future. You can find more information and support on the latest features of EMIS Mobile here.

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Mobile working

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