Egton Billing

Simple and effective management of your non-NHS income from an intuitive and fully integrated billing platform. Provide a consistent and streamlined experience for both staff and patients allowing for more focus and time spent on the consultation.

Take control of your non-NHS income

There are an ever increasing range of non-NHS funded services offered by GP practices. We provide the ability to easily manage the creation, collection and reporting of these funds from anywhere in the practice with our dedicated, secure web-based platform.

Key benefits

Fewer missed payments

Reduce the risk of missed payments and manual errors while speeding up your debt recovery process. 

Optimise your non-NHS earnings

The reporting functionality will help identify opportunities within your practice to maximise your non-NHS income generation. 

Seamless integration with your clinical system

From appointment, to treatment, to billing. The patient journey is directly linked from the clinical system into the billing system.

Save time for your administration team

Free up more time for patient care by removing the need for time-consuming, manual non-NHS billing processes.

Another step towards efficient and paper-free working

Integration with the clinical system removes the reliance on paper copies, dated excel spreadsheets and manual data entry to increase efficiency and eliminate time consuming admin tasks whilst reaching Paperless 2020 targets.

It also enables the automatic transfer of information from patient records, reducing the risk of administrative and human errors.

“We really like the fact we have a lot less paper. Keeping track of any outstanding work is so much quicker and easier.”

Carol Dunkley, IT manager, Cranleigh Medical Practice

Reduces the risk of missed payments 

Many GP practices find chasing non-NHS service invoices a time-consuming and unmanageable task. Reduce the risk of missed payments by moving invoicing and reporting onto a digital system where all information is accessible and trackable with full audit trails. The ability to track outstanding balances easily through the aged debt report will majorly improve your practice’s debt recovery rates.

“The best thing about Egton Billing is how slick and easy the process of billing has become.”

Dean Fisher, technical admin support, The Deepings Practice

Making the most of your non-NHS income potential 

Egton Billing practices calculated that, on average, they generated £68,000 of non-NHS income per year. By using Egton Billing’s reporting functionality practices were able to identify that their top invoiced service derive from writing short letters or certificates. By being able to identify exactly where their non-NHS income was coming from, practices are able to:

Easily scalable to suit different organisation sizes 

With the increase in federated working, practice mergers and NHS England’s vision for GP Hubs, a single unified system can introduce joined up working across multiple locations with relative ease. By providing a single view across multiple sites, we’re ensuring business operations function coherently, putting all of these different formats into a single, accessible location.

Egton Billing is the complete solution for managing non-NHS income, it’s simple to set up, simple to use but comes with first class 24/7 support if required.

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