ECG devices

Make more informed and accurate assessments with our ECG devices. Providing you with precise readings of your patients’ heartbeats, our range of machines offer you a variety of features that help to save clinical time and support you to deliver effective care.

More accurate results that support better diagnosis

With market-leading algorithms and technologies driving our 12-lead devices, you’re provided with more support when it comes to making accurate assessments and diagnosis for your patients.

Key benefits

Flexible testing from compact devices

Lightweight and portable, our devices can be used across your practice for more flexible assessment.

Reducing the risk of making errors

By removing the need to manually enter data into patients’ records and eliminating handwritten results, you can reduce the risk of human error.

Full integration with a variety of clinical systems

Our ECG devices automatically sync results and readings from your tests with patients’ medical records, thanks to full integration with a range of clinical systems.

Spend more time caring for patients

Easy to use and simple to set up, our devices allow you to spend more time focussing on your patients and less time on trivial tasks.

Whether you’re looking for a more portable solution or want to gain greater accuracy when testing, we provide a range of 12-lead ECG devices so that you can get the right fit for you and your organisation.

Universal ECG

Work more efficiently with an easy-to-use 12-lead ECG system that‘s supplied with software and accessories. Powered directly from your PC, you can install the software on multiple devices to perform tests from anywhere in your practice.


With muscle and mains power filters that minimise the interference from other electrical appliances, you can gain more precise readings when taking tests. Your results also seamlessly integrate with EMIS Web, SystmOne, PCS, Vision and other clinical systems thanks to Numed i3 software.

1 year’s support from MediServe and one-year warranty (Universal ECG)

Mortara ECG - ELI 150c 

Accurately read, monitor and report on your patients’ heartbeats with a reliable and compact 12-lead ECG machine from Mortara.

It uses VERITAS™ algorithms that take into account gender, age and paediatric-specific criteria in order to create consistently accurate results. Plus, by automatically displaying the best ten seconds of your test from a five minute signal, you can reduce clinical review time.

Available in wireless WAM™ or traditional AM12™ modules, it also integrates with EMIS Web to link results to patient records.


Almost 15 years of experience in developing ECGs (Mortara ECG)

Vitalograph ECG

View you ECG tests in real time on a built-in display with Vitalograph's 12-lead ECG machine.

It captures several minutes of ECG recording – including a ten-second sample trace – which is automatically saved for reporting and printing. These results are then synced to patients’ medical records, thanks to full EMIS Web integration.

Integration is not the only way that you can save clinical time, though. Using a world-class University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm, Vitalograph’s ECG provides detailed diagnostic evaluations to support your assessment.

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