Ensuring social care organisations and those that they care for are able to monitor, track and record all aspects of care. Carista offers intuitive modules for care organisations, carers and those requiring the care to provide a complete picture.

Individual care at scale

When it comes to care we know there’s no single right way of helping people. Everyone is different, as are their specific needs and requirements but there are ways of working that can add value to care givers and carers.

Key benefits

Full visibility

Tracking all elements of care down to an individual level, keeping quality and consistency at all time.

Intuitive design

Not all elements of Carista are relevant to everyone, define the access and information required, whether front line carer, manager, finance and many others.

Putting people first

Software was created to improve the experience of those being cared for. It is Outcomes focussed, giving them greater visibility and control.

Scalable to suit your requirements

Organisations of all sizes can realise the benefits of an integrated care management system.

Realising new ways of working

Integrating the Carista platform with the way you work allows you to deliver real efficiency and positive change to your organisation. Whether that is from improved outcomes management, budget planning, rotas and timesheets and managing KPIs, all these things can become available in an intuitive and integrated platform.

Carista is built up of a number of modular elements giving you scope to ensure it works for your organisation. By defining what you are looking to achieve from the very start we can work with you to put the best possible solution in place.

Managing your organisation

Carista allows organisations to truly track, measure and report at an outcomes based level, integrating with Payroll, HR and other business systems to complete the loop between care provision and organisation management. 

By centralising and digitising your operational processes the information you hold becomes a powerful tool to help you improve services, apply for further funding and maximise resources.

“We believe Carista will enhance our outcome focussed services and ensure the organisation is efficient, effective and at the cutting edge of the provision of quality care”

Joe Connolly, YPeople

For people who care

Whilst we recognise the importance of the operational side of providing care we also recognise those requiring the care and their carers need to have the tools available to them to make a difference. Carista for carers provides a single view of all the relevant areas of care with user defined access to ensure the right information is available.

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