Anywhere Consult

Securely access your clinical system no matter where you are with our flexible mobile solution. By connecting you to vital patient information in real time, it supports clinicians to make the best decisions to help improve patients’ overall health and wellbeing. 

Making mobile care easier and more effective than ever

With one device that provides the same capability you’d have when in the practice, you can remove the limitations that mobile care can bring and focus on delivering the most effective care possible.

Key benefits

Secure access to patient records when working remotely

GPs and nurses making visits outside of their practice are able to view and update information in real time, keeping everyone more connected and informed.

A comprehensive and efficient system

By integrating with a range of medical devices and additional items, you can make efficient and comprehensive assessments when outside the practice.

Connected and collaborative care

We connect you to the N3 network to give you access to your core systems, allowing you to keep in touch and work alongside your colleagues.

Ensuring that you can keep running

Be ready for the unexpected by being able to access your systems and information even if your practice is inaccessible.

Deliver great care wherever you are

Flexible mobile working is an essential part of ensuring that you can deliver great care when and where it’s needed. By giving you complete access to EMIS Web when working remotely, Anywhere Consult provides the support you need to make the most effective decisions at the point of care.

With full and secure access to a patient’s medical record, including their medications and appointments, it gives you access to important information no matter where you are. Attachments and information can be easily stored too, and you can view, edit and update patient records in real time.

It also integrates with a range of medical devices to help you work more efficiently. From spirometers, BP devices and ECG machines to mobile printers that allow you to print prescriptions, you can provide a more complete service for patients which improves their experience.


“Our GPs love Anywhere Consult, it saves them a lot of time.”

Jules Green, IT coordinator, Townhill Medical Practice

Keeping you connected

 “I’m saving around 30 minutes to an hour every day, which I use to see more patients and do more during my visits.”

Dr Suthan, Townhill Medical Practice

Carry on working no matter what happens

Anywhere Consult provides you with a back-up in an emergency, since it allows you to continue to use your clinical system even if your site is inaccessible. And with our UK-based 24-hour telephone support, we can help keep you connected no matter what.

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