As a UK wide technology provider we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver and support customers wherever they may be. By ensuring we have regional teams close to our customers we are aware of, and able to react to, local strategies and initiatives and the impact they can have.


The Five Year Forward View laid the foundations for the future of the NHS in England. What was immediately apparent to us was the integral role digital services had to play in helping to realise the plans set out. The Next steps on the five year forward view published in March this year took a lot of the learnings of the vanguard models and began to show how they could be implemented at scale.

We continue to support that vision and the many steps that have been taken towards it by providing a range of software and services that look to bring long lasting and scalable efficiency savings for our customers.

As new care models and STP plans continue to evolve across different regions we know there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to supporting you. Our solutions are designed to be adaptable to your requirements whilst providing clear outcomes for your organisation.


Whilst the end goal of providing better patient care is universal the steps taken to achieve that goal differ. We understand procurement of primary care clinical systems is a huge focus for a lot of our customers in this region.

Scotland’s eHealth Strategy and eHealth Vision aim to bring together all health and social care providers together for more integrated, effective and efficient care. Technology plays a key part in this as highlighted in our recent article.

Our aim is to enable you to start realising the benefits of digital technology now. Many of our solutions are purposefully system agnostic or work separate from the clinical system, allowing you to realise the many efficiency led benefits right away.


Public Health Wales’ 2017-2020 strategic plan is aiming for ‘a healthier, happier and fairer wales’. Our aim is to support them in delivering their 7 strategic priorities and providing the digital platform for better engagement with healthcare professionals and patients.

We believe that better connecting healthcare workers, with both each other and the information they need at the point of care, can have an impact on the quality of care. A robust mobile working platform or effective document sharing are two areas that can really play a part in supporting the plans.

Northern Ireland

Whilst our focus is on non-clinical technology we aim to infrastructure and supporting technology that can help realise the strategic objectives set out by the Department of Health.

The eHealth and Care Strategy highlights key objectives of supporting people, sharing and utilising information and fostering innovation. Our range of digital services can be the catalyst for some of this change and help deliver the clinical outcomes they look to achieve. Working closely with partners such as the BSO we look to provide technology services that support these objectives whilst supporting new ways of working and increased efficiencies.  

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