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We offer close to 20 years’ experience in supplying software and services to support the operation of over 5,000 healthcare organisations. We use that knowledge and experience to develop and deliver solutions across a range of markets ensuring the same level of excellence is maintained at all times.

Your digital partner

As part of EMIS Group, we bring 30 years of experience in healthcare IT. We have been supporting the development of digital strategies throughout this time, helping organisations realise the potential advances in technology brings.

We want to work in partnership with our customers, ensuring we are providing them with the technology they need to implement the changes that will make the biggest difference to them.

Supporting efficiency and sustainable change

Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do, it drives our solution development and shapes our services. We believe that by making sustainable iterative improvements you can begin to see broader benefits across all organisations.

Through our range of back office solutions and managed services we facilitate effective working practices and streamline processes allowing you to focus more time helping people.

Enhance the patient experience

From engagement platforms to providing comfortable waiting room experiences, each step in a patient’s journey needs to be considered to give them the best experience possible. By combining sound infrastructure and processes with technology integrated with your clinical systems you can begin to join that experience up for your patients.

Enabling flexible and mobile working

We aim to support the delivery of care wherever that may be required. Our range of mobile orientated solutions allow for greater freedom in the way you work, they reduce pressures on mobile workers by providing access to information as well as the ability to interact and collaborate with colleagues irrelevant of location.

Managing processes and procedures

Knowing whose responsibilities lies where in a crisis, ensuring full access to information whenever it’s needed, providing reliable and actionable reporting tools. These are just a few of the areas we aim to support your organisation, no matter the size or scale.

First class support

All of this is backed up by a team of skilled and passionate engineers able to help meet your specific requirements along with our 24/7 support desk on-hand to assist when and if required.

Enabling you

We live and work in a digital world and we understand how quickly that world changes, as do the needs and expectations of those in it. We are perfectly positioned to meet and exceed those expectations and help you get the most out the technology available.

Our combination of technical, strategic, development, delivery and support, can give you the peace of mind and confidence to provide an IT driven experience for patients, professionals and customers alike.

Our value model

Our value model

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Cloud Telephony

A feature rich telephony solution to help drive efficiencies and deliver new ways of communicating 

  • Designed to enhance collaboration throughout your organisation
  • Consistent and reliable call quality throughout with 99.999% availability

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