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Technology and sustainable change for Scottish healthcare

We’ve looked at how the right technology can be used to help you reach your goals, including those outlined in the eHealth Vision.

Making managed services work for you – supporting your IT plans and projects

Whether organisations are looking for help with everyday tasks, need extra assistance during intensive projects or want to use the cloud to move systems off-site, managed services can act as an important addition to in-house resources.

Dealing with DNAs – useful tips for recovering lost time

The issue around DNAs is one that faces every single GP practice. Read our latest article offering advice on steps to take to regain the lost time.

Top tips for providing a great patient experience in general practice

Every patient has their own unique concerns, priorities and preferences. So how do you ensure you provide a consistent and positive experience for them, each and every time?

Improving the patient journey for general practice

Watch how implementing the right technology can have a positive impact on both the patient experience and practice efficiency.

Going Digital – Choosing the right technology for you

The correct technology, implemented at the right time, can deliver considerable positive change for your organisation. Our infographic shares some of the key areas to consider when looking at three key digital services, giving you the confidence in selecting the right solutions to deliver your IT strategies.

A day in the life – Joshua Kurzawa, Managed Services engineer

There’s an irony in the fact that a typical day for Joshua Kurzawa doesn’t really consist of anything that typical. That’s because as a managed services engineer, the only constant that can be guaranteed is that his day will be varied.

Delivering mobile care – making it work for patients and clinicians

Mobile care is nothing new in general practice, home visits have been part of a GPs role for a long time but there has always been the potential for different levels of care being provided outside of the practice.

Top 5 tips to make the most of a patient’s time in the practice

A patient’s experience with a practice begins long before they enter the consultation room. By focusing on their entire journey, you can see things from the patient’s perspective and find key areas where you can make their journey more comfortable, informative and streamlined.

The importance of Wi-Fi in healthcare

The last 12 to 18 months has seen the conversation about Wi-Fi in healthcare ramp up with key figures across health and politics as well as articles in the mainstream media highlighting how Wi-Fi has the potential to enable a digital healthcare environment.

Managing a mobile workforce

Nick Helman, Operations Director for Egton, highlights some key areas for supporting and enabling a mobile workforce. Allowing them to work effectively whilst remaining connected to colleagues and the wider organisation.

Practical steps to becoming a paperless practice

Paperless working can undoubtedly help improve healthcare, but it needs to be introduced in a sustainable and durable way. We will take you through the things you should consider…

What is really meant by efficiency savings and how do you make the most of them?

Edward Bellamy, Director of Egton Digital, looks at how even the smallest of changes can improve GP practice efficiency, helping us tackle an ever changing and sometimes challenging primary care environment.

How integrated devices can improve patient care

From patient comfort, accuracy and providing connected care, Integrated devices are often at the forefront of the patient experience. We heard from those developing these devices on how they benefit the patient.

5 key considerations when selecting integrated medical devices

Read through our handy guide helping you answer vital questions to ensure you are selecting the right integrated devices for your organisation.