A standalone medical workstation supported by over 50 years of spirometry knowledge from our partner Vitalograph.

COMPACT is an approved medical grade device powered by Vitalograph’s Spirotrac software designed to enhance flexible working in the practice. Simply connect the compact device to your network for seamless patient data exchange with EMIS Web giving you access to your full system.

COMPACT integrates a pneumotrac spirometer and enables you to add additional diagnostic tests such as wireless Bluetooth 12-lead ECG with up to 10-meter range connectivity. Automatically sending results and read codes to EMIS Web including a PDF report with the option to view and print.

Secure flexible working

  • Increased power and storage capacity allowing you to deliver great care in different working environments.
  • Automatic storage and traceability of all test data including audit trails.
  • Secure data transmission using encryption compliant with FDA 21 CFR 11, 95/46/EC and HIPAA technical requirements.

A simple and practical solution

  • Intuitive icon interface for easy use and increased productivity.
  • Customisable for clinical studies and other major projects equipped to meet your needs.

PC based Pneumotrac spirometer

  • Over 50 parameters to choose from for specific and highly accurate results.
  • Display optional child incentives, great for maximising effort and encouraging engagement whilst simultaneously displaying real-time curves.
  • Use single or multiple breath for scalable volume/time and flow/volume curves.

12-lead ECG

  • World class University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm providing detailed diagnostic suggestions and evaluation of results.
  • Capture and store several minutes of ECG recording including ten second sample trace.
  • Built-in display shows electrode contact problems, heart rate, battery status and more.
  • Calculation of the heart rate with acoustic and visual signal for improved accuracy.