A portable and lightweight 12-lead ECG system powered directly from your PC.

Our Universal ECG system is designed with your busy healthcare organisation in mind. Numed’s innovative i3 software fully integrates your ECG with leading clinical systems including EMIS Web and PCS, SystmOne and Vision for efficient and seamless patient data transfer.

Improving efficiency and streamlining admin tasks

  • Automatically files a PDF report and ECG Read code to the correct patient record eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Easy to use intuitive ECG system increasing efficiency and giving you more time to care for patients.
  • Minimise interference caused by other electrical appliances using Muscle and Mains power filters improving test accuracy.

Flexible patient care

  • Install software on multiple devices allowing for greater flexibility in the provision of care.
  • Seven-meter cable length allowing you to perform ECG anywhere in the practice and provide care tailored to patient needs.

Functionality with a peace of mind

  • First year support from the MediServe team included, for technical expertise and full equipment repair cover when you need it.
  • Supplied with all the required software and accessories including a three-year warranty.