A comprehensive and simple to use integrated spirometry solution.

SpiroConnect measures respiratory flow rates and volumes using proven turbine technology. The patented vertically positioned turbine combined with an advanced antistatic plastic significantly increases measurement accuracy, particularly when testing COPD and asthma patients. Numed’s i3 software integrates the SpiroConnect with EMIS Web, PCS, SystmOne and Vision clinical systems for streamlined efficiency.

Designed with efficiency and accuracy at the core

  • Save up to 10 minutes per test reducing manual data entry and giving you more time to care for your patients
  • Seamlessly saves a PDF report and up to 40 user selectable Read codes to a patient’s medical record in a single click reducing risk of human error.
  • Highly sensitive to low flow rates, essential for testing COPD and Asthma patients and fully compliant with BTS NICE guidelines.
  • Bluetooth dongle for a flexible wire free connection to your PC.

Ready to meet your requirements

  • Integration with all major clinical systems provides consistent working practices across CCGs.
  • Common interface means there’s no need for staff retraining.
  • If required easy migration between different clinical systems can be configured in just a few seconds.

A cost effective and easy to use spirometer

  • Simple design that’s easy to clean and sterilise.
  • Low running costs with inexpensive consumables made in the UK.
  • Includes a two-year warranty plus 1st year MediServe support.
  • Easy setup and installation with 100 one-way mouthpieces included for out the box usage.