A hosted video collaboration solution providing your organisation with high quality video communication in any network environment.

Your workforce expects exceptional quality and instant connectivity from wherever they work, on whatever device they use. Now Connect extends high quality conferencing from traditional room systems to wide-ranging portable devices.

Our partner Vidyo offers communication tools designed to bring people across your organisation together using secure video streaming. We provide you with unsurpassed high-fidelity video technology more than double the industry average standard, giving you great quality connection in the office, at home and on the road.

Collaborate from anywhere and on any device

  • Exclusive dynamic adaptation technologies for high quality video communication in variable bandwidth and packet loss connections.
  • Display up to eight participants including self-view in continuous presence on both wireless broadband and Wi-Fi connections for seamless collaboration.
  • Share any app or desktop from your screen or a second monitor for interpersonal video communication.
  • DTMF support enables you to join conferences on third party systems cutting down unnecessary travel between sites.

Bringing people together

  • Connect with people in and outside your organisation using secure guest links and PIN codes.
  • Discuss and share sensitive information using our secure hosted solution offering reliable video working.

Natural communication through Vidyo

  • Exclusive Vidyo technology with dual XD resolution for optimal quality and efficiency.
  • Stunning video quality up to 16-times better than the average, great for communication without the broken pictures.
  • Automatic Echo Cancellation delivering industry-leading performance even in network challenged environments.