Advanced software reducing consultation time and integrating patient data with clinical systems.

Intelligent Integration Interface (i3) software from Numed links a range of diagnostic devices such as Universal 12-lead ECG, SpiroConnect and Mobil-O-Graph directly to your clinical system providing interoperable patient care.

Fully integrated with EMIS Web and PCS, SystmOne and Vision clinical systems, making it the ideal solution for CCG wide rollouts.

Testing process made simple

  • I3 software retrieves patient details from your clinical system and passes the information to the diagnostic device you are using.
  • A PDF report and associated Read codes result is then automatically filled into the correct patient record eliminating the risk of human error in data entry.
  • The test reports are immediately available within the medical record for clinical review enhancing diagnosis accuracy, improving patient safety.

Supporting diagnosis devices

  • The award winning Mobil-O-Graph ABPM device provides accurate results for up to 48 hours.
  • Highly accurate SpiroConnect spirometer is enhanced with a vertically positioned turbine allowing for low flow rates and volumes to be accurately measured.
  • Portable and lightweight 12-lead Universal ECG system powered directly from your PC.

Enabling effective mobile working

  • Our range portable diagnostic devices give you the ability to perform multiple medical tests from one i3 software installation.
  • Incorporate EMIS Anywhere for full access to your clinical system helping you deliver a more complete consultation at the point of care.