Deliver timely and relevant information and promote your practice services to patients while they wait with the option of a patient call system for your practice.

The waiting room is the patient’s first impression of your practice and modern day waiting rooms are great channels for communicating health awareness and practice led information. Create a better and engaging waiting room experience with our advanced digital display system.

Inform and engage patients

      • Display specific information including your practice services and opening times for improved communication.
      • Display content such as immunisation reminders to specific patient groups and reduce pressure on reception.
      • Raise awareness to additional practice services such as maternity and smoking clinics empowering patients to play a greater role in their own health and wellbeing.

Patient call

      • Call patients to their appointments both audibly and visually with the addition of patient call and streamline the patient journey.
      • Envisage is fully integrated with a wide range of clinical systems, allowing patients to be called to their appointments directly from your system.

Simple and customisable digital signage

      • Layout facility to show multiple media content provided by the CCG or local practice messages.
      • Unlimited access to the regularly updated media library and the ability to create your own for custom and engaging content.
      • Schedule multimedia content in advance using flash, pdf, video RSS media and ticker for vibrant and entertaining media.
      • Envisage Coda apps allow you to access and display YouTube media, local weather, photographs and relevant tweets to enhance the waiting room experience.