Instant and accurate spirometry readings filed directly to your PC or laptop

Assess respiratory conditions such as COPD and Asthma with our lightweight and easy to use solution. EasyOn-PC spirometer has zero moving parts within the device and uses digital ultrasonic flow measurement technology which ensures accurate results and consistent quality control. Our PC guided spirometer utilises Egton’s bespoke interoperable software which ensures results are streamlined directly to correct patient records reducing the risk of human error.

Efficiency at the core

      • Fully integrated with your EMIS Web clinical system for increased efficiency.
      • Use it straight away with factory set calibration for increased productivity.

Increasing accuracy

      • High quality results for low flow rates, compliant with NICE guidelines.
      • Read codes and PDF reports are automatically attached to the correct medical record, saving you time and improving consistency.
      • EasyOn is not affected by condensation, temperature change or pressure change, enhancing test accuracy.

Simply install, plug and use

      • Software can be installed on multiple devices without the need for licenses or dongles useful for surgery or community working.
      • Store data onto a shared network drive and access it on any device with EasyOn PC software installed, allowing results to be viewed remotely.
      • Software can be installed on EMIS Anywhere devices improving patient care with flexible working.