A fully managed service designed to digitise your Lloyd George medical files.

The switch to electronic patient records has transformed the way patient data is used. Records can increasingly be shared across healthcare organisations, driving efficiency and improving patient safety.

The Lloyd George record has become a legacy of the changes that have happened in general practice over the last 20 years but still form an important part of the broader picture of a patient’s medical history. Although rarely used it is essential that these records are stored and available if required.

The storage of these archive records can be time and space consuming with hours and rooms being taken up by records in almost every practice. We provide a digitisation managed service that can take your paper records and convert them into scanned electronic records.

Digitise your Lloyd George records in 4 simple steps

  1. Speak to our team to discuss your requirements
  2. We collect your entire library of Lloyd George records at a time that’s convenient for you.
  3. We scan and save the records on a secure and encrypted flash drive.
  4. The flash drive is delivered back to your practice for safe storage.

Maximise the space available

  • Secure and practical storage of archive records enabling you to make the most of premium space.
  • Create valuable floor space that can be used as an additional consultation room, a larger reception and waiting area, or space for staff, improving the practice experience.
  • Effectively manage the growth of your organisation without the need for costly relocation.

Paper free working

  • Take a valuable step towards paperless working allowing for streamlined and controlled management of large volumes of data.

Reducing the risk

  • Eliminate the risk of damage in the event of a fire hazard or flood emergency, essential for business continuity planning.
  • Provide better patient record security reducing the risk of misplaced or stolen records, improving patient safety.
  • Safe and secure disposal of the Lloyd George paperwork aligns with the BS EN 15713 ISO standards.

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Digitisation service - register your interest

Digitisation service - register your interest