Helping enable new learning practices and taking the class out of the classroom with secure Wi-Fi network solutions.

Use of digital technology for both staff and pupils allows your school to embrace new ways of working, from extending the confines of your classroom to easy access to essential information, the possibilities just continue to grow.

Having secure and reliable access to online services throughout the school is an essential part of this, which is why we are able to offer scalable Wi-Fi solutions designed specifically for your organisation.

Making wireless work for you

We offer vast experience and knowledge in designing and implementing wireless networks across a huge range of public and private sector organisations. This allows us to tailor a solution that not only meets your current requirements but also gives you a platform for continuing to deliver a fit for purpose network into the future.

Designed for staff and pupils

We are able to offer dedicated Wi-Fi access for staff and pupils independently over the same network. This allows you to tailor access to systems and software increasing security and reducing risk of information falling into the wrong hands.

Engaging for all

Our solution can allow you to provide real time and relevant messaging for users via dedicated landing pages for staff, students and guests. Our website design and development team can work with you to help make your Wi-Fi network more than just a utility but a way to inform and educate.