Increase efficiency, streamline administration whilst simplifying the auditing process all from a single system.

Intradoc247 for education has been developed specifically for the ever changing school environment. With increasing pressures on staff and management along with ever growing workloads, Intradoc247 offers a solution that will benefit the entire organisation.

Keeping you compliant and accountable

  • Record and maintain all documentation relating to your school development plan on a single, sharable solution.
  • Help manage your Ofsted inspections with our compliance toolkit, providing easily accessible and audited document workflows.
  • Record and assign outcomes and actions of meetings, providing automated reminders for outstanding actions.
  • Track and report on all changes made to policy or regulatory documents.

Efficient administration and document management

  • Reduce need for paper records, easing workloads and reducing risk of misplaced documents.
  • Ensure records are secure and accessible in case of emergency.
  • Assign owners to key documentation.
  • Single address book for all contacts including contractor and volunteer details
  • Manage a wide range of admin requirements including; training records, disciplinary and appraisals, complaints and compliments, risk assessments and monitoring medicines and first aid kits.

Flexible yet secure

  • User level access rights ensures information is shared, promoted and available to the relevant staff members.
  • Secure, encrypted storage minimises risk of loss of information or breach of data protection.
  • Define, prioritise and customise areas creating a system developed for your organisations requirements.